Faye Per­riam-Reed ex­plains how to em­broi­der bul­lion stitches

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Q I’ve come across a pat­tern that calls for bul­lion stitch em­broi­dery - how do I do that?


Bul­lion stitch - also known as bul­lion knots - can add tex­ture to your knit­ted fabric, and Jen­nie Atkin­son has used the tech­nique on her ‘Ci­cely’ cardi­gan on page 58. The base for a bul­lion knot is a sim­ple back stitch, and the width of this back stitch de­ter­mines the width of your fin­ished knot.

1 To work the stitch, choose a hole (be­tween two knit­ted stitches) and bring your em­broi­dery needle through the fabric from the back to the front. Create a back stitch by in­sert­ing your needle back through the fabric to the right of where you orig­i­nally came out, and then bring­ing the needle back through the orig­i­nal hole - but don’t bring it all the way through, just part way. Now twist the work­ing yarn around the needle enough times to equal the width of the back stitch. Gen­tly hold the coiled yarn with your left thumb while you pull the needle through the coil, turn it back on it­self and in­sert it into the hole on the right.

2 For very small bul­lion knots, work a back stitch across two knit­ted stitches; try work­ing across three or four knit­ted stitches for larger bul­lion knots.



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