10 most twisted movies

SUFF IS SYD­NEY’S an­nual week­end of warped, outré and ex­treme cin­ema, ex­plor­ing the outer lim­its of what it means to be hu­man, an­i­mal or mu­tant ex­cre­ment de­mon. This year there are ses­sions of short films; two All You Can Eat Car­toon Ce­real Par­ties, playin

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1 Kuso This four-part body hor­ror com­edy de­picts the sur­vivors of an earth­quake that has lev­elled Los An­ge­les and the mu­ta­tions they have un­der­gone. High­lights in­clude a talk­ing boil, a large bug that lives in­side a doc­tor’s anus, a man who con­stantly needs to defe­cate who... I’m sorry, we feel sick talk­ing about this film. If you dare watch it, it’s the clos­ing night gala. à Sun Sep 17, 7.30pm.

2 KFC In this movie from Viet­nam, killers, necrophil­i­acs and can­ni­bals con­verge around a KFC fast food out­let in Hanoi. A can­ni­bal­is­tic doc­tor cuts vic­tims up into little pieces and rapes their corpses while his over­weight son be­comes ad­dicted to hu­man flesh. Yes, re­ally. à Fri Sep 15, 8.30pm; Sat Sep 16, 8pm.

3 Meat­ball Ma­chine Kodoku The se­quel to the 2006 Ja­panese splat­ter film Meat­ball Ma­chine sees the re­turn of the ‘necroborgs’ – hu­mans in­fected by alien par­a­sites and turned into mu­tated mon­sters. If a lot of blood spurt­ing every­where is your bag, book your tick­ets post haste. à Sat Sep 16, 10pm.

4 Ass­holes A drug ad­dicted cou­ple, in­spired by Mephistophe­les, go on a bender and be­come the big­gest ass­holes in New York. Fist­ing and shit demons fea­ture in a ver y low bud­get film that is pretty per­verse and dis­gust­ing. à Fri Sep 15, 6.30pm; Sun Sep 17, 3pm.

5 Samu­rai Rauni Ja­panese samu­rai tropes are trans­posed to a small Fin­nish coastal town in this wild mash-up from di­rec­tor Mika Rättö. A drunken sailor-samu­rai causes havoc, lead­ing to sev­eral as­sas­si­na­tion at­tempts and a mis­sion of re­venge. à Sat Sep 16, 10pm.

6 Tragedy Girls Two small-town high school girls who love so­cial me­dia and killing peo­ple cap­ture another se­rial killer in this US hor­ror com­edy that riffs on Mean Girls, Clue­less and Scream. à Fri Sep 15, 8.30pm; Sat Sep 16, 2pm.

7 The Cra­zies A cult clas­sic from 1973 di­rected by the re­cently de­ceased Ge­orge A Romero ( Night of the Liv­ing Dead), The Cra­zies de­picts a bi­o­log­i­cal weapon that in­fects the wa­ter sup­ply of a small town, turn­ing the in­hab­i­tants homi­ci­dal. à Sat Sep 16, 10pm.

8 The Evil Within The late heir to the J Paul Getty oil for­tune, An­drew Getty, spent a decade mak­ing this hor­ror movie about a man whose de­monic re­flec­tion in­spires him to kill. Getty was ad­dicted to metham­phetamines and it shows: the film com­bines Lynchian sur­re­al­ism with Tommy Wiseau-wor­thy am­a­teur­ish­ness. à Sat Sep 16, 10pm; Sun Sep 17, 5pm.

9 Sa­fari Damn, this one’s not even funny. Doc­u­men­tary maker Ul­rich Seidl fol­lowed a bunch of Euro­pean tourists in Africa hunt­ing mag­nif­i­cent wild an­i­mals for sport. What kind of sick per­son shoots a ze­bra for fun? The an­swer of­fers a dark, deep dive into the worst side of hu­man na­ture. à Sat Sep 16, noon.

10 Dave Made a Maze Not twisted so much as twisty, this multi-award win­ning film has an ir­re­sistible premise: a guy builds a card­board labyrinth in­side his house but has be­come trapped in­side his own cre­ation. His girl­friend and a team of res­cuers must over­come traps to find him. More than 30,000 feet of card­board went into the build­ing of the sets. ■ Nick Dent à Sun Sep 17, 5pm.


Meat­ball Ma­chine Kodoku


The Evil Within

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