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Audi Q2 £23,245/£28,655


I’ve been pil­ing on the miles, schlep­ping up and down to Dunsfold re­cently, and have found my­self need­ing to re­fll the Q2 with wind­screen wash on a sur­pris­ingly reg­u­lar ba­sis. I know, TG re­ally drilling into the se­ri­ous con­sumer is­sues, right?

As I’ve had a lot of time to kill on m’ways and am quite bor­ing, I’ve been try­ing to fgure out why the Audi’s such a hog for the soapy stuf. The reser­voir looks stan­dard car-sized, so it’s not that. Maybe the squirters dis­pense more liq­uid per squirt than av­er­age? Un­likely. Most prob­a­bly it’s sim­ply that the Q2’s al­most-an-SUV profle lends it a slightly more up­right wind­screen, thus at­tract­ing more road grime and bees and low-fy­ing spar­rows. Which­ever way, if you’re plan­ning on drop­ping 25 grand or so on a Q2, best put aside an ex­tra ten­ner or so for spare wind­screen wash. Or squint, your call.

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