Fer­rari GTC4 Lusso T

Fer­rari GTC4 Lusso T £199,285

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The GTC4 is the frst Fer­rari in over 30 years to come with a choice of en­gines. Tra­di­tion­ally, the mid-en­gined sports cars get a V8, and the front-en­gined GTs get a V12. But now, thanks to this Lusso T, you can have a tur­bocharged V8 en­gine in the front of Fer­rari’s fam­ily four-seater, a car which al­ready ofers a V12.

When Fer­rari last ofered mul­ti­ple pow­er­trains, it was putting tax-bust­ing 2.0-litre V8s in the 308 su­per­car, cre­at­ing the 208. That was back in 1980. While the com­pany ofers many rea­sons for giv­ing GTC4 buy­ers the op­tion of a V8 turbo, we sus­pect the real mo­ti­va­tion might not be dis­sim­i­lar. The Lusso T’s per­for­mance is largely iden­ti­cal to the V12 Lusso’s, and its £30k price ad­van­tage is barely con­se­quen­tial in the grand scheme of a Fer­rari op­tions list. Sneeze while hold­ing the mouse on the on­line con­fgu­ra­tor and it’ll im­me­di­ately be can­celled out.

In other mar­kets, though, tax­a­tion could make the difer­ence closer to £100k, with the Lusso T’s 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 lit­tle more than half the size of the 6.3-litre nat­u­rally as­pi­rated V12 in the Lusso. The V8’s 603bhp is down 78bhp on the V12 but there’s more torque, and its smaller en­gine and switch from four- to rear-wheel drive mean the car is 55kg lighter. So its 3.5secs 0–62mph is just 0.1sec slower, while a drop in top speed from 208mph to 199mph will con­cern only the vainest of buy­ers. The fuel tank is the same size, but a climb from 18.8 to 24.8mpg the­o­ret­i­cally brings 30 per cent more range.

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