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McLaren 570S Track Pack £162,650



McLaren’s an­swer to the AMG GT R and new 911 GT3, then?

You could look at it that way, but let’s get one thing straight – this is not a stand­alone model. In­stead it’s a £16.5k op­tion pack for any 570S (but not 540C or 570GT). Also it boasts no more power and no sus­pen­sion changes. In­stead the Track Pack is chiefly about weight saving. It takes 25kg off the 570S’s 1,313kg dry weight, or – ex­pressed an­other way – you pay £660 for each kilo saved.

Hmm, quite costly. Is it worth it?

In terms of weight saved, prob­a­bly not – you just don’t no­tice. But in terms of the at­ti­tude the al­ter­ations lend the car, then quite pos­si­bly. You gain even lighter lightweight wheels, a matte sports ex­haust, a Dark Pal­la­dium roof and a rear spoiler that is 12mm taller and de­liv­ers an ex­tra 29kg of down­force at 150mph. So at high speeds all those weight sav­ings are can­celled out. In­side, ev­ery­thing is swathed with Al­can­tara, there’s the Track Teleme­try soft­ware from the 675LT and a pair of one-piece, fixed-back car­bon seats.

So would you spend the ex­tra?

Prob­a­bly, yes. The seats are per­haps too tight across the hips, but the steer­ing wheel is sub­lime to hold. But really this is about the driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. The best thing I can say about the Track Pack is that it takes the 570S closer in feel and tex­ture to the 675LT.

That’s high praise…

I know, but I don’t think the 570S has ever felt more tac­tile, re­spon­sive, ag­ile and in­tu­itive than here. And it’s so un­flap­pable. You turn, you en­joy fab­u­lous steer­ing feel, and the car goes around the corner. Sim­ple plea­sures. It’s supremely flat­ter­ing and ut­terly se­cure. And the speed it di­als up once the blow­ers are puff­ing post-3,000rpm is nuts.

How’s the re­fine­ment?

Un­dented. McLaren says it’s for own­ers “who en­joy oc­ca­sional track-day ac­tiv­ity with­out com­pro­mis­ing the car’s all-round us­abil­ity”. That’s pretty ac­cu­rate. There’s noise on coarse sur­faces, but you’d ac­cept that for the tran­scen­den­tal dy­nam­ics. And the ride is ex­cep­tional. All told, the Track Pack sim­ply adds a bit of pol­ish and sharp­ness to what was al­ready a stun­ning sports car.

A McLaren for men’s size medium, small or ex­tra small. No larges al­lowed

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