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VW Pas­sat All­track £32,215/£34,795


At 12,000 miles, the Pas­sat AdBlue re­fill warn­ing sign came up on my dash. If, like me, you are a novice to AdBlue, let me ex­plain what it is. AdBlue is, in very ba­sic terms, dem­iner­alised water and urea squirted into the ex­haust to get rid of all the nasty fumes. Your car mon­i­tors its AdBlue level and gives you warn­ing signs that you have “X” amount of miles left un­til it runs out and your car won’t start.

I needed to fll the VW with about 10 litres. I bought a 10-litre tub of AdBlue (£12.99) to re­fill it. And it made me won­der if lug­ging that in­creased weight around is ac­tu­ally worth it for the de­crease in fuel burn­ing. I’ll have to ask.

Once you’ve filled up, just turn the ig­ni­tion on for 30 secs so the car can reg­is­ter the level and of you go for an­other 10,000 miles, know­ing you aren’t de­stroy­ing the world. Happy days.

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