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Hor­ror’s most pro­lific slasher on killer form…

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Be­hind the hockey mask with Kane Hod­der.

As­tunt­man who be­came a hor­ror icon when he donned the hockey mask of Ja­son Voorhees in the sev­enth, eighth, ninth and 10th Fri­day The 13th movies, Kane Hod­der also plays a fan-fave killer in the Hatchet films – a fourth of which, ti­tled Vic­tor Crow­ley af­ter his nutjob, was shot in se­cret last year. Mean­while, new doc To Hell And Back: The Kane Hod­der Story digs into the ac­tor’s trau­matic past…

Vic­tor Crow­ley was made on the sly. How did you keep it un­der wraps?

It was easy for me – I just didn’t tell any­one. [laughs] But we had a lot of new crew mem­bers who were less likely to hold the se­cret as they’re not part of the fam­ily. I was sur­prised it didn’t leak.

It must be hot, heavy work play­ing Vic­tor un­der all those pros­thet­ics…

I’ve had worse, though lug­ging 20lb on your head and shoul­ders for any length of time gets old.

As Ja­son, you al­ways helped cre­ate the kills. Is it the same for Vic­tor?

With Adam [Green, di­rec­tor of the Hatchet se­ries], I need far less in­put

be­cause he’s re­ally good at com­ing up with ridicu­lous, over-the-top kills.

What’s your favourite on-screen kill?

Vic­tor’s done one that I pre­fer to any of Ja­son’s kills. This one [mo­tions grip­ping the up­per and lower jaw and rip­ping a head apart – an in­fa­mous kill in Hatchet].

Did you feel pres­sure when you took on the iconic role of Ja­son?

It felt like an hon­our. I was a fan of the first six movies. I went to the theatre to watch part six when C.J. [Gra­ham] was killing peo­ple, and the fol­low­ing year I’m the char­ac­ter – how bizarre is that?

What did you need to do to get your­self into Ja­son’s headspace?

I felt I could bring the rage pretty eas­ily. I don’t know if that speaks well of my per­son­al­ity. [laughs]

You were vi­ciously bul­lied as a kid, and badly burnt as a stunt­man. Did you tap into those dark ex­pe­ri­ences?

I don’t want to sound too method-y, but yeah, I’m sure it’s a fac­tor in be­ing able to get so en­raged so quickly. But it was never, “Let me think of that fuck­ing guy beat­ing me up again as I twist this per­son’s head off…”

New Line ditched you when they made How come?

Freddy Vs. Ja­son.

I’ve never been given a rea­son. Who­ever made the de­ci­sion didn’t re­ally think it mat­tered – “It’s a guy in a mask, who’s gonna know the dif­fer­ence?” So they went with some­body who lived where they were shoot­ing. That was a bad point in my ca­reer. I put ev­ery­thing into that char­ac­ter, so to just be re­placed and never told why…

Did you see the movie?

Yeah, be­cause I’m a fan. It was de­cent. I wish I could say the guy who played Ja­son was ter­ri­ble, but he re­ally wasn’t. The only Fri­day I haven’t seen is the re­make. I saw the trailer and Ja­son was run­ning and set­ting traps and build­ing tun­nels – that’s not Ja­son.

Did you pro­tect the role while play­ing it?

Yeah. The script of Ja­son Takes Man­hat­tan said ‘Ja­son kicks a dog’. I went to the di­rec­tor and said, “Ja­son wouldn’t kick a dog. He’d do hor­ri­ble things to peo­ple but he’s like an an­i­mal – he’d iden­tify with the dog.”

More re­cently you’ve been praised for your per­for­mances with­out a mask…

When I started in the busi­ness, I just wanted to do stunts. Then I got the no­to­ri­ety of play­ing Ja­son and Vic­tor. Now I get dialogue-driven parts and I love it. I’ll play a killer, fine. But if you re­ally want me to be in­ter­ested, of­fer me some­thing I haven’t done be­fore.

ETA | TBC / ViC­Tor Crow­lEy And To HEll And BACk: THE kAnE Hod­dEr STory plAyEd AT THiS yEAr’S FrigHTFEST.

‘that was a bad point in my ca­reer. i put ev­ery­thing into that char­ac­ter’

slash hits (top to bot­tom) as Fri­day The 13th’s Ja­son voorhees; with robert ‘Freddy Krueger’ englund and fans in To Hell And Back: The Kane Hod­der Story; as vic­tor crow­ley in 2013’s Hatchet III.

Killer thriller ex­plore Kane hod­der’s trou­bled child­hood in To Hell And Back.

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