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This is re­ally a love story be­neath all the vi­o­lence. How do you see Bradley’s feel­ings to­wards Lau­ren?

It felt like a good re­la­tion­ship. Not one that you see a lot in film. So I was re­ally sur­prised by it and it moved me. That was ter­rific – it felt like a very high level of caring about some­one and a high level of emo­tional IQ. I thought that was beau­ti­ful. It made me be­lieve th­ese char­ac­ters.

Were the fight scenes ever dan­ger­ous?

Well, some­what dan­ger­ous in that you’re do­ing live, mul­ti­ple takes, some­times with mul­ti­ple peo­ple, and ev­ery­one is jacked up and we’re getting it in one shot and th­ese are real punches and real things be­ing thrown.

How did that play out on set, us­ing one take?

You’re going to shoot th­ese things, you know there are not going to be cuts. So ul­ti­mately, you’d have to amp up and al­most be in a lit­tle dan­ger­ous zone, the way we went about it, to sell the ve­rac­ity of it. You couldn’t just be tech­ni­cal. At a cer­tain point, you’d have to get to a place that was a lit­tle bit on the edge, and that’s when mis­takes would hap­pen. JM

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