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Well, I’ve just seen The Preda­tor. Filled with ex­cite­ment, I sat down ready to watch the movies’ great­est killing ma­chine (apart from Jaws). Shane Black said he looked to the orig­i­nal for in­spi­ra­tion. All I can say is he must have been in a pissed-off mood about be­ing offed first, be­cause the new film is ab­so­lutely aw­ful. What was he think­ing? An ab­so­lute joke of a film which had so much po­ten­tial. I feel let down as I’m sure lots of oth­ers will too. DANNY, BAGSHOT

Although I love a good up­date on up­com­ing films, I’ve no­ticed that The Preda­tor has made it on to your cover sev­eral times in the last few months. Half a page here and there… but then [in TF277] you go fur­ther and re­veal a vi­tal plot el­e­ment: Preda­tors in army car­gos! Semi-ru­ined the film be­fore it was even out! Oh, and can we please stop do­ing BIG pieces on block­busters that turn out shite, while lit­tle-known gems get five-star cor­ner re­views? Just a thought. Oth­er­wise, keep up the good work. PAUL FLANA­GAN, VIA EMAIL

One ques­tion: is The Preda­tor a com­edy? JOHN BASKERVILLE, BIRM­ING­HAM

Well, not in the Brid­get Jones’s Di­ary sense, but yes, Black did seem as keen on funny-bone-tick­ling as spinal-col­umn-strip­ping. As it turns out – an­ti­spoiler warn­ing! - the bit with Preds in army pants didn’t make it to the fi­nal cut; shame, we’d love to have seen them look­ing like the world’s an­gri­est All Saints trib­ute act. As for big, shite block­busters, we never know­ingly back a loser; and while we re­main a broad church, our pop­ulist bent does mean we’re more likely to put a Spidey or Stath on the stain-glassed win­dows.

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