Mooer Micro Preamp Se­ries & Mooer Baby Bomb 30 Power Amp

Small and mighty

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Th­ese are tiny! You can’t be se­ri­ous...

An amp in a box pedal is noth­ing new – af­ter all, the earth­shak­ing Am­pTweaker line is more or less just valve amp preamps mod­elled with dis­crete cir­cuitry. What is new, how­ever, is the diminu­tive form of th­ese as­ton­ish­ingly small units. They may look cute, but paired with the Baby Bomb 30 power amp, you might blow your neigh­bours’ eardrums, let alone your own – so treat them with a lit­tle cau­tion.

Okay, so how do they sound?

The Fen­der Black­face model (Re­gal Tone) comes sur­pris­ingly close to a Fen­der clean tone, while the Vox (Day Trip­per) has a sim­i­lar EQ range to a real Vox, but is dif­fi­cult to dial in with a clas­sic bright Vox chime. Out of the more ‘rock’ amps, the Mar­shall JCM900 model (UK Gold 900) is the most con­vinc­ing. It saturates nicely with a boost or drive in front, although it does lack clar­ity when cranked. In gen­eral, the higher-gain amps like the 5150 (Fifty-Fifty 3) and Diezel (Gas Sta­tion) are less re­al­is­tic, although with the gain rolled right back to about 9 o’clock, the 5150 is al­most a pass­able ‘5150 in a box’ dis­tor­tion sound, even if it lacks the def­i­ni­tion and punch of the orig­i­nal amp.

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