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How con­vinc­ing is the Le Preamp se­ries?

All of th­ese preamps have a real valve in them as part of their de­sign, so they all pack a fair bit of wal­lop and sat­u­ra­tion even at lower vol­umes. Like the amps that they are based on, they have clean and lead chan­nels, though the EQ on the lead channel is bet­ter.

What about the cab sim­u­la­tor?

The Tor­pedo CAB takes a line out from any of the preamps, and ap­plies power amp sim­u­la­tion and the same cabi­net sim­u­la­tion found in Two Notes’ high-end Tor­pedo Live and Tor­pedo Stu­dio rack units. The CAB is a hefty piece of kit out of the box, but can also be ex­tended and edited on a PC. A com­mon ‘gotcha’ with this kind of cab sim­u­la­tion is that if you’re not used to the sound of your amp and ped­als close mic’d, then you’ll want to edit the pre­sets to move the mic back to give more of a ‘room’ sound.

What’s the dif­fer­ence be­tween the preamps?

The Le Clean is a Fen­der-voiced preamp, the Le Crunch is Mar­shall-like, and the Le Lead is a high-gain mod­ern tube amp. All of them have the same con­trol lay­out and speaker sim­u­la­tion, although not as good as that found in the CAB. They also boast a fu­sion knob.

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