De­ter­min­ing your skin’s un­der­tone

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WHEN it comes to se­lect­ing the most flat­ter­ing make- up for your­self, one of the most im­por­tant fun­da­men­tals to de­ter­mine is which un­der­tone you are – warm, cool or neu­tral? Wear­ing the right make- up hues based on your nat­u­ral un­der­tones will be most com­pli­men­tary when it comes to ap­ply­ing make- up.

Have you ever pur­chased a foun­da­tion and dis­cov­ered that it comes off too yel­low or pink re­flects on your skin’s un­der­tone?

This also ap­plies for cer­tain lip­stick shades, eye­shad­ows and blushes.

Once you can de­ter­mine which un­der­tone you fall un­der, your make- up se­lec­tion and looks can be al­tered so you’re al­ways putting your best foot for­ward.

So, which is which? Skin tones are of­ten con­fused for un­der­tones but they are not the same thing – an un­der­tone is the colour that lies be­neath the skin and never changes.

Some­body with a cooler un­der­tone will show more pink, red and blue in their ap­pear­ance.

If you grav­i­tate to­wards wear­ing lighter colours then you most likely have a cool un­der­tone.

Warmer un­der­tones tend to suit pinks and or­anges and will have more of a yel­lowy, gold ap­pear­ance to the skin.

Colours such as or­ange, browns, reds, aubergine and coral look amaz­ing on you!

Lastly, some­body with a neu­tral un­der­tone will find they have a mix of the above and can wear

Ash­ley Wardle­worth, 21, Kir­wan Dress: Stock­land $ 70 Shoes: Cot­ton On $ 30 Watch: Bil­l­abong $ 150 which­ever shade in make- up they de­sire – lucky you! Experiment with dif­fer­ent looks to find which suits your per­sonal style.

Another great way to de­ter­mine your un­der­tone is to look at your veins in­side your wrist – if your veins are blue, your un­der­tones are cool. If you are see­ing more green then chances are your un­der­tones are warm. Neu­tral un­der­tones will see a mix of both green and blue.

To learn more make- up tips and tricks, visit www. youtube. com/ mla1x or Face­book – Monique Abel – Pro­fes­sional Make Up Artist.


JUST FOR HUE: Choose your make- up ac­cord­ing to your skin’s un­der­tone.

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