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There are two Full Moons this month. The cur­rent one... plus the one we’ll see at the end of July. Some peo­ple find this quirk of the cal­en­dar ex­cit­ing but to an astrologer, there’s much more sig­nif­i­cance in two suc­ces­sive Full Moons in the same sign, one at an early de­gree, the next at a late one. That, to us, is truly ‘ a blue moon’. This Full Moon may not be blue but, as it co­in­cides with the an­nual con­junc­tion of Venus and Jupiter, it may soon make peo­ple around the world feel as if they’re in the pink!


Mar 20 – Apr 19 Do you know any rocket sci­en­tists? Might there be a brain sur­geon or two on your list of Face­book friends? You now seek a smart so­lu­tion to a be­wil­der­ingly prob­lem­atic sit­u­a­tion. There are so many com­plex fac­tors that are gov­erned by in­tri­cate laws of in­ter­ac­tion to which there are sev­eral de­cep­tively im­por­tant ex­cep­tions. Surely, only a ge­nius could hope to make sense of all this? What a good job then that a ge­nius is now read­ing this very sen­tence. Do, to­day, what ev­ery truly clever per­son does - and keep it all sim­ple! Un­der­stand what’s hap­pen­ing and have great suc­cess in July. Call 1900 950 020.


May 21 – Jun 20 Gem­i­nis are fa­mously fluid. As­trologers in­sist that you are adapt­able and so happy to em­brace change, that you will spin on a six­pence at the slight­est sug­ges­tion that there needs to be a new plan. That’s true, isn’t it? In­deed, can’t we say that if ever we find you fail­ing to get from point A to point B as fast as you ought to, it is per­haps be­cause, in­stead of rac­ing to cover the dis­tance, you are de­bat­ing the mer­its of sev­eral dif­fer­ent po­ten­tial routes. That said, to­day you can see a choice that oth­ers have not spot­ted. It is a smart one! Your NEW July forecast could be one of the most re­ward­ing calls you make: 1900 950 020.


Jul 22 – Aug 22 It is one thing to feel proud of some­thing one mo­ment, and ashamed the next. That’s a nat­u­ral, healthy re­ac­tion to a process of self- eval­u­a­tion that the very best peo­ple in­evitably un­dergo. It is another to make some great ges­ture of gen­eros­ity and then re­gret this be­cause we no longer con­sider the re­cip­i­ent to have been wor­thy. A fa­mous prayer of St Fran­cis of As­sisi as­serts ‘ it is in giv­ing that we re­ceive’. So then surely too, it must be in re­tract­ing that we risk do­ing our­selves the great­est dam­age! Con­tinue to be kind to­day. Want to hear great news? Let me tell me what’s hap­pen­ing in July! Call 1900 950 020.


Sep 23 - Oct 22 They say that ‘ cu­rios­ity killed the cat’. What on earth makes them say this? It seems hardly likely that they can pro­duce any proof. The keen­est ex­po­nents of this idea would pre­sum­ably lack suf­fi­cient cu­rios­ity to seek ev­i­dence for their as­ser­tion! And any­way, don’t cats have nine lives? Per­haps cu­rios­ity only killed one of them. It is im­por­tant for you, to­day, to re­ject the kind of fear­ful think­ing that some peo­ple thought­lessly take re­course to. Have the courage to ques­tion a claim and you may yet be re­warded. I have just recorded your light­shed­ding, heart- warm­ing, July forecast. Call 1900 950 020.


Nov 20 - Dec 20 The con­junc­tion of Venus and Jupiter may be of­fi­cially over but the aus­pi­cious in­flu­ence should last a while. In­deed, if you now set in mo­tion a plan, do a deal, make a prom­ise, start a new regime or em­brace an idea that you have been re­luc­tant to com­mit to, you can cap­ture the mo­ment by ef­fec­tively cre­at­ing a horo­scope in which your in­ten­tion be­comes fused with the cur­rent cos­mic cli­mate. This will im­bue your whole jour­ney for­ward with the magic of that con­junc­tion, in sex­tile to Mer­cury. That’s got to be good. There’s a lot to look for­ward to in July. Let me tell you more. Call 1900 950 020.


Jan 20 - Feb 17 All ideas present them­selves as ‘ good ideas’. We no more de­lib­er­ately come up with bad ideas than vil­lains ever in­tro­duce them­selves as das­tardly. All ideas, there­fore, have to be eval­u­ated. But how are we go­ing to eval­u­ate them? What if our tech­nique or our cho­sen method of as­sess­ment is based, in it­self, on a bad idea that is pur­port­ing to be a good one? Don’t get too caught up in spi­rals of self- doubt to­day. If a good idea still seems like a good idea, even once it has been ac­cused of be­ing a bad idea, you are safe to trust it. I’ve got lots to tell you about July- and you’re go­ing to like it. Call 1900 950 020.


Apr 20 – May 20 Can to­day be a good day for you? Surely not! What gives you the right to ex­pect such a thing? In­deed, how can you even jus­tify your en­ti­tle­ment to such a self- in­dul­gent hope? What’s that? You think you should at least be al­lowed the hope? Well then, per­haps you should take the sense of en­ti­tle­ment too. Act non­cha­lantly to­day then, when the uni­verse be­stows a bless­ing. But don’t let this en­tirely negate the ap­pro­pri­ate sense of grat­i­tude. Venus and Jupiter are now do­ing all they can to as­sist you. In your forecast for July I have great things to tell you. Call 1900 950 020.


Jun 21 – Jul 21 To be a Cance­rian is to be ruled by the Moon. That’s why some as­trologers de­scribe you as con­stant, while oth­ers de­pict you as change­able. We can say both things about the Moon, can we not? She shows us a dif­fer­ent as­pect of her char­ac­ter each day, re­veal­ing more or less of her po­ten­tial power. Yet she re­mains con­sis­tent within this. This week’s Full Moon in your op­po­site sign, has caused you to in­crease an emo­tion that you nor­mally keep a lit­tle more dis­creetly dis­guised. What is so wrong or bad about that? The plan­ets are on your side in July. Let me tell you more. Call 1900 950 020.


Aug 23 - Sep 22 When we per­form the same math­e­mat­i­cal ex­er­cise, adding or sub­tract­ing the very num­bers that we only re­cently wres­tled with, how can we ex­pect to reach a dif­fer­ent con­clu­sion? Un­less we are er­ror- prone ( which few if any Vir­gos truly are, even if they some­times fear them­selves to be), there is no point in re­peat­ing the process. But what if, in that cal­cu­la­tion, there is so much as a sin­gle in­ac­cu­rate as­sump­tion? Or a mis­taken mea­sure­ment? Then it is worth re­vis­it­ing. To­day, will yet bring bet­ter news than you ex­pect. Look­ing for­ward to July? You will be soon! Let me tell you why. Call 1900 950 020.


Oct 23 - Nov 21 Smart peo­ple know how to play dumb. This con­fers a great so­cial ad­van­tage upon them. It means that oth­ers will of­ten go out of their way to ex­plain things and, in the process, will give away fas­ci­nat­ing flashes of in­sight into them­selves or into other fac­tors that might oth­er­wise never have been ob­vi­ous. Has some­one been clev­erly teas­ing in­for­ma­tion out of you re­cently? It is not too late to ap­ply those tac­tics to them. Some­one some­where now knows what you need to know. If you ask them in the right way... It’s time to em­brace the fu­ture. I ex­plain how in your July forecast. Call 1900 950 020.


Dec 2 1 - Jan 19 Some folk can’t re­sist cho­co­late. Oth­ers can al­ways see a rea­son why it must be gin o’clock. There are folk who have nico­tine habits and folk who feel they must keep their tea tanks topped up. Some habits are ‘ bet­ter for us’ than oth­ers. But none of us are fully free from ad­dic­tive rou­tines. This week’s Full Moon may lib­er­ate you from each and ev­ery habit that you have ever got­ten your­self into, but it will at least pro­vide enough in­ner el­e­va­tion to rise up and see what needs to be changed and how best to be­gin such a pos­i­tive process. Hear the ex­cel­lent news in your NEW July pre­dic­tion. Call 1900 950 020.


Feb 18 - Mar 19 The en­tire pop­u­la­tion of earth could easily fit into a coun­try the size of France. They would not even feel over­crowded. And, as long as the rest of the planet were used for agri­cul­ture, they would never run short of crois­sants. Of course, the French might have some­thing to say about this - but as they would be say­ing it in French, who would un­der­stand them? I point this out in or­der to counter a com­monly held myth that the world is some­how get­ting too small for us all. In your life now, an old fear can be sim­i­larly dis­missed. July is the month you’ve been wait­ing for. Get the good news. Call 1900 950 020.

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