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Q& A should be praised, John McCon­key ( Letters, TB, June 15) – John, while I can see where you’re go­ing with the idea, let­ting Mal­lah talk just proved the ne­ces­sity of do­ing some­thing to en­sure Aus­tralia is pro­tected from him, and peo­ple like him.

I would pull you up on the con­cept of in­no­cent un­til proven guilty. That idea, ex­cept for in court, has been kicked to the way­side by gov­ern­ments and pri­vate cor­po­ra­tions.

I hold a num­ber of gov­ern­ment li­cences for which gov­ern­ment ex­tort thou­sands of dol­lars, and pro­vide no ben­e­fit other than the abil­ity to say I’m a card car­rier. The gov­ern­ment con­trols the stor­age and dis­tri­bu­tion of ac­cess to crim­i­nal records, through agree­ments.

When I ap­ply for each li­cence the gov­ern­ment con­sid­ers me guilty of some heinous of­fence un­til proven oth­er­wise; so, ev­ery year or two the gov­ern­ment ex­torts money from me to prove I am in­no­cent; there­fore, as I must prove my in­no­cence the gov­ern­ment starts with a pre­sump­tion of guilt even though they own the records show­ing I’m not.

If you are a “more im­por­tant” per­son such as the head of a uni­versi- ty you must still un­dergo a crim­i­nal history check but it is paid for by the gov­ern­ment.

If you are go­ing to an even more im­por­tant po­si­tion, such as a mem­ber of Par­lia­ment, you just have to sign a form say­ing that you are able to stand for elec­tion and you are good to go.

No fee, no need for a crim­i­nal history check. No­tice it worked well for a gent from the gulf last Queens­land elec­tion. Just another form of dis­crim­i­na­tion and ex­tor­tion by gov­ern­ment who tax us, com­ing and go­ing.

Just a thought; when peo­ple talk about how high com­pany tax in the US is, in Aus­tralia you pay 10 per cent GST, 30 per cent com­pany tax ( so there is 40 per cent of the top of a sale, if you are mak­ing a profit), then you must pay more taxes to the gov­ern­ment for li­cences that are sim­ply grant­ing of a right to try and earn a liv­ing.

If you have em­ploy­ees you have to col­lect and for­ward money from them, as well.

Then there are the com­pul­sory in­sur­ance, etc.

You also have to pay mem­ber­ship of a man­dated as­so­ci­a­tion, be­cause even though the gov­ern­ment has taxed you for the li­cence they had “sub­con­tracted” out the com­pli­ance.

The as­so­ci­a­tion then can charge you for the man­dated “com­pli­ance checks” re­quired by gov­ern­ment.

The gov­ern­ment has pock­eted money for noth­ing, again.

So when the re­ces­sion rolls in, the share­mar­ket crashes, and the Aus­tralian dol­lar falls as un­em­ploy­ment rises, re­mem­ber to thank the id­iots who gov­ern us for killing the goose that laid the golden egg with taxes, fees and charges.



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