Seat steal­ers put film night in bad light

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YOU peo­ple, you know who you are, you thumb your nose at the rules and skirt around the un­spo­ken laws of life.

Oh, there is noth­ing more mildly frus­trat­ing in this wild walk of a life that causes the hate to bub­ble up within, like a vol­cano of mild an­noy­ance.

If you don’t know what I am on about and you haven’t had one of these peo­ple palm the rules in your face, here is a lit­tle ex­am­ple from the other night.

I’d taken my wife for a ro­man­tic din­ner of McDon­ald’s drive- through, be­ing the classy bloke that I am, and we ate in the car as we lis­tened to love songs.

I’m not nor­mally a ter­ri­ble date but you must un­der­stand, we were in a hurry to go and watch the new Ter­mi­na­tor at the cinema; I was so well pre­pared I sourced tick­ets ear­lier in the day so I didn’t have to con­cern my­self with a line. We strolled into the cinema, walked up to the back to find my al­lot­ted seat and lo and be­hold, some goons had taken our spots.

I looked down at my ticket to make sure I was in the right row, walked back to look at the row let­ter, looked up and they looked at me, made eye con­tact.

Now two things could have hap­pened: they could play by the un­spo­ken rules and go “oh sorry mate, we just jumped in your spot, we were ac­tu­ally a few seats over” or they could do what they did and look at me; I look at them, shoul­ders raised, and they looked back at the screen.

I was fu­ri­ous but be­ing the kind of per­son who hates un­nec­es­sary con­fronta­tion, be­cause I deal with it so much in my work life, I went and sat some­where else and bub­bled.

Oh dear God how I bub­bled; I couldn’t en­joy the first 20 min­utes of the movie, I was so in­fu­ri­ated. I mean, they know they were in the wrong, they clearly weren’t sup­posed to be sit­ting there, I in­di­cated it was my seat and you gosh darn sons of guns didn’t bloody move.

Then I had to sit there, anx­iously wait­ing for some­one else to en­ter the cinema, walk up to me and do the look, and I would have gone, “sorry mate, we were sup­posed to sit some­where else, here’s your seat,” which thank­fully didn’t hap­pen.

Hate is too strong a word to de­scribe how I feel about these seat steal­ers but I tell you what, it was a very se­vere dis­lik­ing.

Now you may think, “Chris, you’re mak­ing moun­tains out of mole­hills,” and you’re right, but I’ll be damned if I’m in the wrong.”

If ev­ery­one played by the rules you wouldn’t be sit­ting there read­ing me car­ry­ing on like a pork chop.

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