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FI­NALLY some­one in the me­dia has raised the is­sue of our lo­cal traf­fic man­age­ment ( or lack thereof).

It would seem that the ap­proach be­ing thrust upon us fol­lows the be­lief that “If it can’t move, it can’t hurt”.

The prob­lem with that is it can cre­ate anger, road rage, im­pa­tience, and sheer frus­tra­tion. It also in­creases in­stances of red light run­ning, il­le­gal Uturns, tail­gat­ing and me­dian strip cross­ing to name a few.

The main point I feel you have missed or may not be aware of is the three or four year so­cial ex­per­i­ment be­ing con­ducted by TMC in Townsville, in the form of “split se­quence traf­fic lights”.

This is what you have de­scribed at the Flin­ders St West and Lit­tle Fletcher St in­ter­sec­tion., ex­cept it has been ap­plied at al­most all in­ter­sec­tions in Townsville. In essence, it takes a nor­mal four way in­ter­sec­tion with four right turn lanes and four cor­re­spond­ing straight through lanes and adds an ex­tra di­men­sion mak­ing a sim­ple log­i­cal four se­quence cy­cle and turns it into a longer five se­quence dis­jointed cy­cle. Com­mon sense dic­tates that this means more wait­ing time, more fuel con­sump­tion and pol­lu­tion, but TMC in­sists on this no­tion of pri­or­ity road traf­fic flow which leaves mo­torists stranded watch­ing traf­fic pass by for 1, 2 and more kilo­me­tres while they sit twid­dling their thumbs. We don’t have three mil­lion peo­ple. We have barely 200,000 peo­ple.

The new lights at Ban­field Drive and Dal­rym­ple Rd are a per­fect ex­am­ple – if you are on Ban­field Drive or An­gus Ave, you will be able to ob­serve cars come from Bam­ford Lane, right on to Dal­rym­ple Rd pass you and con­tinue past the new lights at Greg Jabbs Ct and even score a green light to turn right on to Nathan St. And still you sit and wait.

Dear­ness St/ Crau­ford St – Hugh St in­ter­sec­tion at Gar­butt … take a cut lunch with you. The traf­fic will leave the Ing­ham Rd rail­way cross­ing, wave to you as they mer­rily pass by on their way through the lights at Old Com­mon Rd and Bun­dock St. Still, you wait.

Turn­ing right from Char­ters Tow­ers Rd into Townsend St, Mys­ter­ton ( or the re­verse), watch the cars leave Ris­ing Sun in­ter­sec­tion and go all the way past Bayswa­ter Tce and out of sight. And, you wait.

Heaven for­bid we could ever recre­ate the bed­lam caused by the bizarre ar­range­ments cur­rently forced upon the res­i­dents on the Bohle North Shore side of town.

Like any­one else, I could go on. But re­ally, can’t we just go back to quicker, eas­ier, more con­ve­nient vol­ume mov­ing, less time con­sum­ing, less pol­lut­ing ( where have the J. Browns, J. Stir­lings and M. Downes been while this is go­ing on?).

Nathan St/ Ross River Rd in­ter­sec­tion works. Doesn’t that say some­thing? And please, if you work within the sys­tem of Traf­fic Con­trol ( note, I didn’t write man­age­ment), can you please use the tax­payer funded fa­cil­ity of ve­hi­cle sen­sor in­stalled at all in­ter­sec­tions? Es­pe­cially be­tween 7pm and 6am.

If TMC are to con­tinue to ig­nore calls, queries, re­quests and com­plaints to their 13 19 40 hot­line, why do they con­tinue to ask for com­ments?


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