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THUMBS up to Liam Flynn of Flynn’s Res­tau­rant fame in Yungaburra, who has banned chil­dren un­der seven years old from his eatery. This fol­lowed a com­plaint af­ter a woman with a rowdy two- year- old re­fused to take any mea­sures to qui­eten the child. It spoiled the evening for the other din­ers in this pop­u­lar and stylish French- Ital­ian eatery.

Mr Flynn has copped crit­i­cism for the ban, but sup­port has been over­whelm­ing from peo­ple fed up with hav­ing to put up with ill- dis­ci­plined chil­dren in restau­rants. The mes­sage is that if peo­ple want to take their chil­dren to a res­tau­rant they ei­ther have to keep them un­der con­trol or opt in­stead for Hun­gry Jack’s or McDon­ald’s.

Ca­nines and cof­fee

SOME cof­fee shop own­ers might take note of Mr Flynn’s trail­blaz­ing move. And, no, in this case I’m not talk­ing about them ban­ning chil­dren. I’m talk­ing about dogs. It’s a bit off­putting to be sit­ting there en­joy­ing a cuppa when the pooch tied to the leg of the ta­ble next door walks over and gives you a big, un­in­vited lick on the leg. Or worse, cocks its own leg on your leg. Why is it the own­ers of these dogs think this is cute? It’s not cute. It’s an­noy­ing.

Book your copy

TOWNSVILLE book­worms are queu­ing to buy Harper Lee’s Go Set a Watch­man. The au­thor of To Kill a Mock­ing­bird is en­joy­ing a sec­ond com­ing with the re­lease to­day at 9am of her not- so- new book which is once again set in the racial hurly- burly of Amer­ica’s deep south.

Kerry at Townsville’s Mary Who? Bookshop said she has so many pre- sale or­ders there won’t be too many left to put on the shelves.

Out­back lux­ury

THE Mount Coolon Ho­tel over the other side of the Bur­dekin Dam, once the rootinest, tootinest pub west of the Pe­cos, has been gen­tri­fied. I’ve only ever stayed there once, but that was an ex­pe­ri­ence. It was six or seven years ago.

I turned over in bed at about 1am and the whole thing fell apart. Wooden slats hold­ing up the mat­tress hit the hard­wood floor just be­fore I did. What a sham­bles. It sounded like an ar­tillery bar­rage on the Somme. No one stirred and no one said any­thing the next morn­ing.

Now, new pub­li­can Liz Turner tells me she has got rid of all the old beds and has put in com­fort­able donga ac­com­mo­da­tion, six of which are en­suit- ed. Imag­ine? Mt Coolon with en­suites. What is the world com­ing to?

And now you can even get a wood­fired pizza on Sun­day nights. The road has been up­graded and car­a­van- tow­ing grey no­mads are stay­ing overnight at the rest area be­hind the pub. Things are chang­ing in the bush.

Drugs a big prob­lem

STORY over the week­end about em­ploy­ees and em­ploy­ers want­ing ran­dom drug test­ing on build­ing sites for ice. Em­ploy­ees ob­vi­ously don’t want to be work­ing side by side with peo­ple op­er­at­ing ma­chin­ery who are on ice.

Author­i­ties might also have a good, hard look at the drug test­ing poli­cies in the min­ing and gas in­dus­tries. A mate who has just fin­ished 10 months on a large Queens­land gas pro­ject reck­ons there were drugs aplenty there, in­clud­ing ice.

Oops sorry, Belinda

THE dan­gers of di­alling “favourites” on your phone. I was on my way to meet my wife for cof­fee yesterday morn­ing at Do­min­ion, when, blame it on the cool weather, I was forced to make a de­tour to the public toi­lets in Townsville Bul­letin Square. I called up ‘ favourites’, hit the re­quired num­ber and when a fe­male voice an­swered, I said “Honey, I’m just across the street tak­ing a leak. Can you or­der me a long black?”

In­stead of a quick “Roger that, I’ll or­der”, there was si­lence for a sec­ond and then a puz­zled fe­male voice say­ing, “Hello, yes, this is Belinda”.

Oops. My wife’s name is Robyn.

“Oh, hell,” I thought, look­ing down at the phone screen. I’d called Craig and Cyn­thia Young from the Lawn Hill Pas­toral Com­pany. I quickly apol­o­gised and said “wrong num­ber” and signed off. Belinda, who­ever you are, I’m sorry.

Gra­ziers smil­ing

THE stock squad is on the alert for cat­tle thieves given the cur­rent high prices for prime beef cat­tle. There were record prices at Char­ters Tow­ers last week with Ge­off Car­rick, Mait­land Sta­tion, Ei­nasleigh and Lloyd and Cleta Cur­ley from Suther­land, Georgetown, both get­ting a record price of 243.2c/ kg for bul­locks.

Tow­ers agent Jim Geaney says good bul­locks of around 600kg are reach­ing $ 1500. If you’ve got a few in the pad­dock, you’re a Lotto win­ner.

Pull the other one

THE Q- Coal funded mo­bile den­tistry clinic was in Win­ton last week. This is the mo­bile clinic which roams the western in­land do­ing a mar­vel­lous job look­ing af­ter the oral hy­giene of peo­ple who oth­er­wise never get see a gen­uine tooth ex­trac­tion engi­neer.

One of the den­tists I spoke to there last week was from the African na­tion of Namibia. Be­fore be­com­ing a den­tist and mov­ing to Aus­tralia he flew mil­i­tary air­craft for the Namib­ian mil­i­tary. He told me about one bloke who called in with a toothache in Win­ton last week.

Ended up they took out eight of his potato mash­ers in one hit. The bloke didn’t blink an eye when they started piling up in the lit­tle sil­ver dish near his head.

Eureka turns 150

THE old Eureka Ho­tel which cur­rently trades as the Her­vey’s Range Tea rooms turns 150 this year. It was be­hind these slab tim­ber walls that the drovers and prospec­tors used to cut loose on ben­ders that lasted for days or weeks.

Graham McGre­gor says there is a big re­union start­ing on the night of Septem­ber 11 and then con­tin­u­ing over the Satur­day and Sun­day.

These days the tea rooms are a bit more gen­teel. It is highly un­likely you will see any­one thrown out through a win­dow while sit­ting there sip­ping your Twin­ing’s’ English Break­fast. But, that’s not nec­es­sar­ily a bad thing. If you plan on stay­ing overnight throw in the camp­ing gear.


BRUSH­ING UP: Dr Sue Dal­ton of the Royal Fly­ing Doc­tor Ser­vice and Win­ton Mayor Butch Len­ton.

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