I draw a line at colour­ing in for adults

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I’M hav­ing a hard time wrap­ping my mind around the con­cept of adult colour­ing- in books. Speak­ing as some­one who wasn’t par­tic­u­larly good at stay­ing in­side the lines as a child, I haven’t picked up a coloured pen­cil and a ready- made de­sign for about two decades.

Yes, I know that it’s sup­posed to be re­lax­ing and re­ally good for your mind­ful­ness, but I’m pretty sure hav­ing some­one laugh at my bad colour match­ing and com­plete artis­tic fail­ure might just cause all that stress to come rush­ing right back.

Now, I’m go­ing to steer clear from the word child­ish be­cause I have still been known to in­dulge in a Dis­ney movie as a bit of mood light­ener. Yes, I do en­joy the odd mu­sic- filled romp with princesses and frothy hu­mour. Let it go, OK?

Go­ing back to sim­ple, child­like en­joy­ments is ev­i­dently a good way of putting the stresses of the world aside and mak­ing our­selves feel more hu­man again in those weeks when life has dropped a metaphor­i­cal pi­ano on our heads.

It does beg the ques­tion though, how did the world get so crazy that we sud­denly feel the need to re­treat from adult­hood and em­u­late our child­hood selves? Why are our daily lives so full- on that when we de­cide to stop, we jump head on into nos­tal­gia and that bliss­ful feel­ing of no re­spon­si­bil­i­ties?

I’m no so­ci­ol­o­gist, but I would haz­ard a guess that it’s to do with the grow­ing cult of al­ways be­ing busy. You ask some­one how they are, nine times out of 10, the an­swer is “Re­ally busy”. We’re all ex­pected to have a mil­lion things on the go, and so the urge to just do noth­ing in­stead grows.

The fact that mind­ful­ness, the art of liv­ing in the present mo­ment, has be­come a buzz word speaks vol­umes. We all want to feel the sun­shine on our face and en­joy life’s sim­ple plea­sures.

We want to feel whole, healthy and cre­ative, hence the in­tri­cate colour­ing de­signs for smug, mind­ful peo­ple. Af­ter all, you have to use a proper adult book be­cause if we just asked for the colour­ing in pages and pen­cils while out at a cafe, that wouldn’t be do­ing it right. Even if you did cre­ate a de­cid­edly adult, satir­i­cal in­ter­pre­ta­tion of the Hogs Breath pig.

Even those fancy de­signs are still an im­i­ta­tion of cre­ative re­lease though. It’s an at­tempt at be­ing cre­ative to un­wind with­out hav­ing to use our own imag­i­na­tion. Writ­ing in a jour­nal, re­dec­o­rat­ing your lounge room, cook­ing a meal from scratch ... all these things are cre­ative and might make you feel pro­duc­tive too. Let’s leave the colour­ing in for the kids.

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