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New mayor? Theres an old say­ing, if it aint broke, dont change it. Give Hill another term and let her pay off more of Townsville firsts debt. Its not cost­ing us much, our rates have only had a tiny in­crease com­pared to the Townsville First fi­asco. Kranky Kev . Mt Low.

A great big thank you to the fan­tas­tic po­lice of­fi­cers at the con­cert at Jezzine that helped our nearly 90 year old mum. A won­der­ful con­cert and a lovely way to fin­ish the evening. Ali­son Sth. Townsville

Just read sharis sat col. i could not agree more. when is this city go­ing to get into tourism. i re­cently had a friend up, we went to all the re­gions, large bright well stocked info ctrs. on re­turn af­ter some time found our very small pokey tourist info ctr in the city. my friend asked for a print out of some info and was told the printer hasnt worked for some­time so cant help u re­aly. i ask wheN are we go­ing to get into the tourism in­dus­try. alan nth ward

Yes Tezza cli­mate change has been hap­pen­ing for­ever, but those changes hap­pen over thou­sands of years, not over a cou­ple of decades like what is hap­pen­ing now. And thank you for ed­u­cat­ing us that cli­mate change was “just in­vented by gree­nies”. here was I think­ing it was from the data and re­search from thou­sands of sci­en­tists world­wide, silly me. And Gary J, yes it’s “only a weather event” but those weather events are now hap­pen­ing more of­ten, af­fect­ing larger ar­eas, and last­ing for longer when they do. Nice try both of you but no cigar. Thanks for play­ing, bet­ter luck next time. Physics Phreak avale

Whitty cli­mate change is not an “un­proven the­ory”. Ever heard of the IPCC re­port to the UN which sum­marised the find­ings of thou­sands of sci­en­tists. The re­sult - 97% con­sen­sus. Hardly “un­proven.” Now I don’t know about you but if 97% of engi­neers warned you a bridge was go­ing to fall down or if 97% of bankers were warn­ing you were go­ing bank­rupt, I’d be pay­ing at­ten­tion. Here’s the thing with ad­vis­ing other tex­ters to “eat hum­ble pie” mate, you can end up chok­ing on it your­self. Si­esta avale

Mark Mo­lachino’s let­ter about Bron­wyn Bishop is un­fair. He fails to men­tion that she hired the he­li­copter off a mate so she was cer­tainly help­ing to stim­u­late the econ­omy of his com­pany with tax­payer funds. Dave, Bushy­beach

Why is it al­ways the fault of some­body else. Why can’t the boat­ies throw their bags of rub­bish in the back of the ute and take it home. How hard is that? IAH 4814

Ewen Jones must be tak­ing the piss out of us - again. Com­plain­ing about the State gov not help­ing out with a new sta­di­ums when he is too em­bar­rassed to go into bat for us. We will take the fund­ing for a new sta­dium from any­one Ewen. Sailar

Ten­nis.T We’ve had our share of spoilt brats &, not sur­pris­ingly, they are not true blue Aussies. I’m so dis­ap­pointed that the world stage has to see the an­tics of these “stars” of ten­nis. If they con­tinue to be­have in the man­ner they think is ac­cept­able, they should have any sup­port with­drawn. Pre­vi­ous cham­pi­onsc have not had to stoop to gut­ter tac­tics and ex­cuses for los­ing their matches. Just look at Pat Rafter & his suc­cess. Nick & his en­tourage are pa­thetic. I love my ten­nis but drawd the line at watch­ing some­one whow ob­vi­ously thinks the world is in awe of him & should be grate­ful to watch his tantrums & bad sports­man­ship. Rod 4810

I won­der who paid for Henry’s lit­tle girl and Kate Jones to fly to Townsville and swan around at the V8s? Oh I see, you la­bor faith­ful would say they were here on Govt busi­ness, sounds fair to me! Ron Kelso.

Prince Phillip ( Mr Queen) wants to know “who do you sponge off? I’d like to ask ‘ Phil the Greek’ the same ques­tion. TINKER. 4816.

Chris eastaughffe ( 16/ 7). Fi­nan­cial wizards do not have em­pires; they do not even come in pairs. Yes, the gov­ern­ments are in­ept. But they don’t make de­ci­sions any­more; global fi­nan­cial mar­kets do. Just be care­ful that those feet on the ground aren’t stuck in the mud. Dr m. 4817.

Is Mark Mo­lachino a clone of Shaun New­man? They both know en­ti­tle­ments are flogged to death by both sides of pol­i­tics but only ever view it as con­ser­va­tive crime. I was crit­i­cal of Bron Bishop in sat TTE call­ing on Ewen Jones to ad­dress the is­sue in par­lia­ment as no op­po­si­tion mem­ber ever has. WW C/ jong.

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