Our money down drain

Townsville Bulletin - - OPINION - MARK MO­LACHINO, Aitken­vale.

IN­TER­EST­ING read in the TB ( July 22) in which it states the coun­cil will pres­sure res­i­dents to con­serve wa­ter. Ap­par­ently we have a us­age rate 200 per cent higher than com­pa­ra­ble Queens­land cities.

This is a pru­dent ex­er­cise as we are see­ing ex­tended dry pe­ri­ods and non- ex­is­tent wet sea­sons.

Ross River Dam is sit­ting at 42 per cent and the Bur­dekin Dam is at 69 per cent.

Sunwater has re­cently cut al­lo­ca­tions to cane farm­ers in the Bur­dekin re­gion by nearly 50 per cent and the dam con­tin­ues to drop. By the time it is de­cided to pump from the Bur­dekin its lev­els may also be at break­ing point.

We need to be proac­tive on wa­ter in­fra­struc­ture, not re­ac­tive.

Re­search into the lift­ing of the Ross River Dam walls should be a pri­or­ity, if it hasn’t hap­pened al­ready, so we have the or­ganic ca­pac­ity to sup­ply our­selves and not im­pose the ridicu­lous pump­ing costs of $ 25,000 per day that have been bandied around.

Our waste and wa­ter com­mit­tee chair­man Ray Gartrell has stated that a sec­ond pipeline from the Bur­dekin is to be in­stalled.

Does this mean we will be look- ing at $ 50,000 per day in pump­ing costs? I have one easy fix for you Ray, get to­gether with Pat Ernst who is the sport, recre­ation and parks com­mit­tee chair­man and sort out the sprin­klers in the parks and me­dian strips around our city.

In my early- morn­ing trav­els around Townsville it amazes me how much wa­ter the coun­cil wastes on wa­ter­ing the roads.

I have on one trip counted at least eight de­fec­tive sprin­klers flow­ing di­rectly into the stormwa­ter sys­tem. I may as well stand at these drains and pour buck­ets of ratepayer money into them.

I am happy to be cor­rected, but isn’t this wastage wa­ter that ratepay­ers pay the coun­cil to man­age? I un­der­stand the thought be­hind ask­ing ratepay­ers to ease up on us­age but ef­fec­tively it is our wa­ter we are wast­ing and we will pay for it. What I don’t like is the coun­cil wast­ing wa­ter that I have paid for.

Please spend some time get­ting this wastage in the coun­cil wa­ter­ing in­fra­struc­ture un­der con­trol. Then I am sure we will be happy to hear what it is you have to say.

POUR­ING OUT: Rais­ing the walls on the Ross River Dam should be a pri­or­ity, says a reader.

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