Yes, a brighter fu­ture’s no longer just fan­ta­sy­land

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WELL, let’s not stop there!

We all gazed with Walt Dis­neyin­spired bliss when we saw the la­goon splashed over the front page of our very own pa­per! We rev­elled in the tree- lined streets, bridges to sta­di­ums and con­fer­ence cen­tres, to Hives and gal­leries, con­cert halls and malls ( oops, did I say malls, silly me!). And so much more.

I loved it, and I know those who are a lot clev­erer than I, which is most, say it’s great too. It re­ally is our turn, eh? The word in the hair­dressers ( not that I’d know, I don’t go to them of­ten nowa­days sadly), taxis, bars and back­yards, is WIG ... or Will It Go. I reckon it will. There’s some dy­namic young de­vel­op­ers and vi­sion­ar­ies in our city; if they’re given a chance to im­prove our life­style, they will.

Like the won­der­ful con­cept of Panorama House stopped in 2011. Oh dear, but all go ahead now, isn’t it? Now I’m on hol­i­days shov­el­ling mulch: well, look­ing at it any­way, and I’ve had a chance to look at this stuff we saw here in the Bully, and I be­lieve it would be great for our next gen­er­a­tions to en­joy, and give work to those start­ing out, or in­deed in the last few years of work be­fore re­tire­ment.

So as I said, let’s not stop there; rasp­berry cor­dial flow­ing from the Big Bucket in the Wa­ter Park for an hour a day, mums and dads would love that. Barra fish­ing in The Strand Foun­tain, or cham­pers from The Strand Wa­ter­fall ( the own­ers up the top said they would sup­ply it). The list would be end­less, and why not, the ba­sics are all there; won­der­ful north­ern beaches and trop­i­cal isles, and en­thu­si­as­tic lo­cals. We just have to do it ... with help from our coun­cils and gov­ern­ments, of course.

Townsville is like a pack of jelly beans: plenty of colours, we are great to en­joy; in fact, like a pack of jelly beans you just can’t stop lov­ing it, once you ac­tu­ally open the pack. Or is that just me?

And it’s a see- through packet: what you see is what you get, very much like us hon­est, fair dinkum great North Queens­land Aussies. That anal­ogy thanks to my girl, as she hid a pack of jelly beans in my lunch box, and I just can’t put ’ em down. She never leaves a bot­tle of wine though.

And what a time ahead: the mag­nif­i­cent Wat­pac 400 V8s, the Cham­ber Mu­sic Fest, and Strand Ephemera. As I’ve been scrib­bling, two sun­birds are build­ing their nest on an old power cord dan­gling off the deck: in­cred­i­ble. I’ll call her Er­gon, and the boy with the bright blue chest, he bet­ter be ... um ... I know, Bill. And it’s go­ing up quick too, Er­gon Bill.

Happy V8ing, Happy Ham­mockin’, Happy Days. Ooroo

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