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a bid to get more peo­ple into video games, com­pa­nies con­stantly look for new an­gles to hook in the non- gamer types. I can pic­ture the Sony board­room.

The CEO was de­mand­ing some­one come up with the next big thing. No­body had any ideas past mid­night, de­spite or­der­ing Chi­nese food from that nice place.

Cue the in­tern in the back play­ing with his phone. Bingo. OK it didn’t go that way, but it’s close.

Playlink, ex­clu­sive to PS4, was one of many fea­tures an­nounced at E3.

It’s ad­ver­tised as so­cial gam­ing, where two to eight peo­ple sit around the TV and play games, but in­stead of con­trollers they can use their per­sonal phones or tablets.

Do­ing so uses the fea­tures of your de­vice, such as cam­era and touch­screen. But let’s talk about the games, the most im­por­tant part.

You’ve got your quiz games, Singstar karaoke and a bunch of fun arcade games.

So far most of the games are your typ­i­cal party games, but it was nice to see that Playlink is push­ing the depth with a game called Hid­den Agenda, which looked like a pretty slick look­ing thriller. Nice. It def­i­nitely has some ap­peal, but it shouldn’t be the sole rea­son to buy a PS4.

To me it seems to be ad­ver­tised at PS4 own­ers to be less anti- so­cial and hold more par­ties at their place.

And here I thought a room full of friends look­ing at their phones was al­ready anti- so­cial. No? Well, at least they’re play­ing to­gether.

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