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weekend Bungie opened the beta for to ev­ery­one. It’s kind of sad see­ing a se­quel on its way. A game with a strong mul­ti­player pres­ence will al­ways die once the new game is re­leased, forc­ing you to buy the new game.

kicks off with ba­si­cally all your ac­tions from the first game amount­ing to noth­ing.

The Guardians’ home base is be­ing wiped out, The Trav­eler ( that big ball in the sky) is be­ing at­tacked and all those char­ac­ters you worked hard on are nowhere to be seen. Wip­ing the slate clean is by far the eas­i­est op­tion mov­ing for­ward for the de­vel­oper Bungie, but it still sucks hav­ing to walk away from all your ac­com­plish­ments.

De­spite this I gave the beta a crack since its free and all.

It’s not nearly as large as I thought it would be. Much of the game is still un­der wraps un­til the full re­lease, but you have the op­tion to play a small mix of com­pet­i­tive and co- op­er­a­tive strike mis­sions.

It still looks and feels like Des­tiny and that’s a good thing.

The gun­play is still the heart of game and there are more abil­i­ties and char­ac­ter types on the cards.

But it is nice to hear that there will be more em­pha­sis on story, given that the first game was pretty light on.

Story mo­ments like, “You’re go­ing to go to this planet’s moon and ex­plore for, gosh, rea­sons.”

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