Global warm­ing fear­mon­gers should face some cold, hard facts

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CLIVE Berger “Cli­mate de­niers chok­ing on ABC’s Adani facts” ( TB, 12/ 10), none of us are chok­ing on the ABC pro­grams “facts” be­cause, frankly, there were no facts.

There was a whole load of as­sump­tions and con­jec­ture well padded with de­cep­tive half truths and non­sense from the IPCC, Greens, il­le­gal spy­ing and sim­ply, con­fab­u­lated.

While we are on the sub­ject, where are these facts from the IPCC?

The world’s tem­per­a­ture has stalled now for 19 years. No sta­tis­ti­cally sig­nif­i­cant in­crease what­so­ever.

The IPCC com­puter mod­els are made up of hun­dreds of as­sump­tions and vari­ables, many of them ei­ther barely un­der­stood or not un­der­stood at all.

The IPCC com­puter mod­els can­not pre­dict weather past next week, let alone cli­mate in 100 years’ time.

Fur­ther, are you aware we are ap­proach­ing the end of the 24th So­lar Cy­cle? So­lar ac­tiv­ity, and hence, en­ergy out­put, is at its low­est point for 9300 years.

We are pos­si­bly about to en­ter a very cold pe­riod akin to the Maun­der Min­i­mum or worse. Where is the ex­cess so­lar en­ergy go­ing to come from to drive your AGW non­sense? Thin air? These are facts Clive, not some so­cial­ist non­sense cooked up at the UN and IPCC.

While we are on the sub­ject, if AGW is not about emis­sions and cli­mate change, what is it all about? Christina Figeures from the UN Cli­mate Of­fice let the cat right out if the bag last year. Ms Figeures says AGW is not about cli­mate change. It is all about wealth re­dis­tri­bu­tion.

A nice UN- sup­ported neo- Marx­ist plan to wreck our econ­omy, just like Is­lami­sa­tion. CHRIS SQUELCH, South Townsville.

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