La­bor has wide ar­ray of sneaky ways to drain North

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THE Townsville Bul­letin is well recog­nised as be­ing a fo­rum for the thoughts and opin­ions of its great many read­ers.

On Wed­nes­day I read the thoughts and opin­ions of Michael Lunn in his let­ter “Heat­waves and fos­sil fu­els just don’t mix” ( TB, 7/ 11).

Michael is ob­vi­ously well versed in the melodies from the Greens song­book. Noth­ing wrong with that.

How­ever, it is his mis­takes and exaggerations that I would like to com­ment on, from my own ex­pe­ri­ences. I was born in Townsville in 1942, and lived in this city all of my life.

I would like to as­sure Michael and many oth­ers that the cli­mate in trop­i­cal Townsville has not changed in any way shape or form. In our sum­mer from Oc­to­ber to April, the max­i­mum tem­per­a­ture ranges from 30- 34C, un­less it is over­cast or rain­ing. It has al­ways been that way.

The big dif­fer­ence is that no one com­plained when I was younger be­cause we just ac­cepted things the way they were.

We did not have a con­tin­ual bom­bard­ment from the me­dia sen­sa­tion­al­is­ing ev­ery­thing to im­prove their rat­ings. That is what the mod­ern world has be­come. In 1959, as a sec­ond year elec­tri­cal ap­pren­tice, I in­stalled a ceil­ing fan over the din­ing ta­ble in my par­ents home in Gul­liver.

When I had fin­ished and turned it on, my mother said: “Oh, that’s nice”, and went back to the kitchen with­out a fan, to con­tinue get­ting din­ner.

All that I can say to peo­ple now, who can’t live with­out air­con­di­tion­ing, is to find a cooler cli­mate some­where that has fierce hail­storms or snow, or a large city where car pol­lu­tion is a prob­lem. We live in a trop­i­cal par­adise, be thank­ful for that. KEL ACK­LAND, Bush­land Beach. THE re­cent let­ter to the edi­tor by Fed­eral La­bor MP Cathy O’Toole “Do not drain our fund­ing” is a joke.

The La­bor Govern­ment has been drain­ing North Queens­land for years the lat­est be­ing a $ 70 per tonne waste levy to sub­sidise the in­abil­ity of the La­bor Govern­ment to con­trol NSW dump­ing their waste in Ip­swich tips.

Maybe peo­ple have to pro­duce their rate no­tice or rent re­ceipts to dump at the Ip­swich dump and if not pro­duced then they pay the $ 70 per tonne, not us.

Our coun­cil weighs and charges our com­mer­cial dumpers for dump­ing at our dumps and we, the ratepay­ers, are al­ready pay­ing $ 16 per trailer load at our lo­cal dump. Rate no­tice 2018 we are al­ready charged $ 199 for wheelie bins and a waste man­age­ment levy of $ 30.

The La­bor State Govern­ment drains the North by stealth with their charg­ing of stamp du­ties ( af­ter the GST was in­tro­duced these state taxes were sup­posed to cease).

North Queens­lan­ders pay more stamp du­ties on our in­sur­ance poli­cies, be­cause we are charged more for our house in­sur­ance than the south­east, the in­sur­ers go by post­code and we live in a cy­clone- prone area. Bris­bane has floods and storms with mega mil­lions of dam­age yet our in­sur­ance goes up.

On an in­sur­ance pol­icy of $ 2318.59 we pay fed­eral GST $ 231.86 and state stamp duty $ 229.54. The more we pay for our in­sur­ance, the more we pay the govern­ment’s 20 per cent more.

No won­der the state govern­ment in­quiry into the in­sur­ance in­dus­try goes nowhere when gov­ern­ments are prof­it­ing from the high price we pay.

As stated by MP Scott Ste­wart on the waste levy “the govern­ment had to make a de­ci­sion for the whole state and could not place the bur­den on just the south­east”. Shame!

Where is the de­ci­sion to share the bur­den we face for liv­ing in North Queens­land with the south­east?

We pay higher rates, higher petrol prices, air­fares, elec­tric­ity, in­sur­ance, stamp du­ties, food, ap­pli­ances, and any goods that are trans­ported North. SAN­DRA CH­ES­NEY,


SKY’S THE LIMIT: Townsville has al­ways had a hot trop­i­cal cli­mate.

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