Ibought this 1973 S 15 years ago from the first owner – he still had his name on the pa­pers and lived at the same ad­dress. He was get­ting on and was strug­gling with the man­ual steering. I’d owned a Gem­ini be­fore this. This one be­longed to the father of a friend. I wasn’t re­ally look­ing for a Torana, but this one was so cheap I couldn’t turn it down and, over time, I fell in love with it. It was in not bad con­di­tion. We took it back to bare metal for the paint. The en­gine we just painted and made it look good. In­side we did the roof lin­ing and car­pets. I painted it 10 years ago – it’s what I do for liv­ing, so maybe that’s why it’s lasted! That’s ad­ver­tis­ing for my shop Deluxe Cus­toms in Dan­de­nong. You meet a good group of peo­ple through them.

What do I like about driv­ing it? I like that it’s noisy, it’s old, un­com­fort­able, there’s no elec­tron­ics, it’s sim­ple. Mate, it’s beau­ti­ful. It’s cool – you know you’re alive.

If you’re in the mar­ket for one, pay ex­tra money to get a good one – it’ll cost you less than hav­ing to fix it. Find one that’s al­ready been done and then put your touches on it.

FAR RIGHT Sim­ple and al­most bul­let­proof. The 2850 is easy to live with.

TOP RIGHT Owner David Boi and his as­sis­tant.

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