We were lucky enough to own a gen­uine L34 Bathurst race car and were look­ing for some parts when we were do­ing some his­toric rac­ing. So I rang up this bloke and went out to his shed and checked out all th­ese diffs and other bits he had and said I’ll have them. Sit­ting next to them was this car un­der a cover. He wound this cover back and we were gob­s­macked. This thing was ab­so­lutely schmick. I walked away with all those parts for the race car and I said to Anna, “I’ve got to buy that car. I’ve never seen one that was so un­touched in my life. So by the end of the day we’d done the deal.”

The bloke had bought that car be­cause it re­minded him of one he had raced back in 1974.

They’re Holden’s ver­sion of the HO muscle car. They had the race en­gine, man­i­fold, ex­haust, the big brakes and wheels. They ticked ev­ery box. There’s no doubt they were the ul­ti­mate rac­erin that pe­riod, be­cause they had ev­ery­thing you needed.

My ad­vice for any­one look­ing for an L34 is to en­sure the car has known his­tor y. If it ain’t got his­tor y, it ain’t the real McCoy.

TOP This 1974 stun­ner is owned by Mick and Anna Cameron.

OP­PO­SITE No cen­tre con­sole in this track­ready toy.

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