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If like me, you’ve stag­gered into the emer­gency de­part­ment, with a chunk of car stick­ing out of yer eye­ball, you’ll hope­fully have grasped the im­por­tance of safety gog­gles. If not, read on: Next time you’re at the bolt shop, or hard­ware shop or any­where else that sells them, grab a few pairs of googles and leave them around the work­shop so you’ll al­ways have a pair handy – on top of the tool­box; on the drill-press; near the com­pres­sor; even a pair on the dash of your cur­rent project. No ex­cuses then. I even found a style that fits over my read­ing glasses. So, yes, I look like a dou­bleglazed dork, but hope­fully, I won’t be meet­ing you in emer­gency. Not with an eye in­jury, any­way.

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