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RE­MOVE TOP PLATE Re­move the lock­nut of the ad­juster screw, plus any lock­ing tab that may be present. Re­move the top plate re­tain­ing bolts. Screw the ad­juster in a few turns and tap the top free of its gas­ket.

TAKE OUT WORM Un­screw the end plate re­tain­ing the worm. There will be ad­just­ing shims un­der here – don’t lose or dam­age them. Tap the end of the steering shaft to push out the end bear­ing and re­lease the worm.

RE­LEASE AD­JUSTER Gently tap the bot­tom of the drop shaft to raise it, then slide the ad­juster plate out of the slot. Some de­signs have an ad­juster that screws di­rectly on to the main shaft. Un­screw it to sep­a­rate.

CATCH BEAR­INGS Be ready to catch the ball races on each end of the worm. They should re­tain their balls un­less badly worn. In­stead of a shimmed end plate, some boxes have a screw-in end plug with a lock­ing ring.

RE­MOVE DROP SHAFT Lift the drop shaft out of the box. You should now see the worm gear of the steering shaft. It turns on caged ball bear­ings that run di­rectly on the ends of the worm. Check smooth­ness of ro­ta­tion.

PRY OUT SEALS Pry out the oil seals with a tyre iron, or sim­i­lar. Drift or press out the re­main­ing (up­per) bear­ing track of the worm if it ro­tated nois­ily or if it’s rusty, pit­ted or worn. Oth­er­wise, leave it where it is.

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