2016-2017 VF COM­MODORE

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Save your best ef­fort till last – is that the the­ory? We’d defy any­one who’s driven an SS-V Red­line to walk away with any con­clu­sion other than this: How come they’re stop­ping when the prod­uct has be­come so damned good? And no, that’s not jin­go­ism talk­ing – well, not com­pletely. The fact is the Com­modore de­vel­oped into some­thing that not only claimed to be a world-stan­dard car, but could ac­tu­ally back up those claims in the real world. Plus, we’re not talk­ing mil­lion dol­lar ma­chin­ery. Why buy this car? Owner Ian Janet­zki sums it up this way: “Be­cause it was the last of them and has the 6.2 LS3 mo­tor. “The HSV the year be­fore was like that, and then Holden put it in the off-the-shelf $60k car. They did a few other things – the bi­modal ex­haust is great, it de­liv­ers gen­uine growl. “With­out ex­cep­tion, it’s the best Holden I’ve owned, go­ing back to the 68 HK Premier! “It’s that brute ac­cel­er­a­tion, but dressed in a Euro­pean stan­dard of driv­ing feel. That tight BMW han­dling and steer­ing, yet with 300-plus kW. If you think of what you’d buy in a Euro­pean sta­ble that comes close to it, it might be the C63 Benz, which is push­ing $160,000.

“My first Holden was an HD and I’m in that si­t­u­a­tion where I have a soft spot for them.”

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