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I was read­ing the mag where you men­tioned the Mus­tang drift car that you drove some time ago. Was t hat t he su­per­charged V10 con­vert­ible one built around t he year 2000 ? If that is the same car then my dad has that mo­tor and it will even­tua lly (hope­fully) be go­ing into an AC Co­bra replica which should be a litt le si l ly to drive. If you want any more info then get back to me. Cheers and love your col­umn.

Darryl Staszyn­ski, Email

Mar­ley says...

DARRYL, IT cer­tainly sounds as though we’re talk­ing about the same en­gine; it was fit­ted to a Ford-spon­sored pro­ject car that was largely the work of Steve Hoinville (son of Gra­ham and, along with the Cortina GT500, the car that got us kicked off on the sub­ject of Hoinvilles in gen­eral.

I ac­tu­ally got to drive the Mus­tang drift car around the Ford prov­ing ground back in the day and, I have to say, it was a pretty big hand­ful with those 10 cylin­ders all try­ing to peel the tyres off the rims. But then it kind of van­ished and although the word at the time was that it was due to de­but at that year’s Sum­merNats in Can­berra, I can’t re­call if it did and, if it did, whether it man­aged to im­press the no­to­ri­ously tough Sum­merNats crowd. Cer­tainly, though, it had the on-pa­per cre­den­tials to be a win­ner and I re­call it was in­cred­i­ble torquey to drive.

Th­ese were the days, of course, just after the unloved AU Fal­con with its 14-inch steel wheels and no V8 op­tion had been re­leased, and Ford Oz was on the back foot, try­ing to con­vince us all that it still had its mojo. En­ter a Mus­tang con­vert­ible, a V10 truck en­gine and Steve Hoinville (not nec­es­sar­ily in that or­der).

Should I even ask how you dad came to be in pos­ses­sion of such a nu­clear war­head as this par­tic­u­lar V10? Does North Korea know he’s got it? And fur­ther to that, has your dear fa­ther had a re­cent check-up from the neck up? I mean, build­ing an AC Co­bra replica is one thing, but pow­er­ing it with a pinless grenade is an­other al­to­gether. That said, if he ever gets it on the road, please send us pics and video of the thing and we’ll share it with the UC world. Come to think of it, even if your dad just gets the V10 fired up, I’d love to come and have a look and a lis­ten. From a safe dis­tance, you un­der­stand…

BE­LOW The launch of the AU wasn’t ex­actly Ford Oz’s finest mo­ment.

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