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NOW HERE’S some­thing a bit dif­fer­ent, and I’m not talk­ing about the car, I’m talk­ing about the run­ning gear that lies be­neath. Let me clarif y. The V W 1600 Type 3 has al­ways been a cool car in my book, but pow­er­ful it was not, ac­tu­ally I think I’ve been in faster horse-drawn car­riages. The owner of this Type 3 ob­vi­ously felt the same way, be­cause gone is the fac­tor y 1.5-litre pow­er­plant from the notch­back f lanks, and in its place lies a Subaru boxer en­gine and a Subaru gear­box. The owner reck­ons this new-found shove has re­vi­talised the old girl, and I tell you what, I’d love to have a steer of it.

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