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Tell Te us in 60 words the car you should have bought, or were lucky enough to buy! Send S your tale to unique­cars@bauer­ with ‘Gotaways’ in the ti­tle

HOLDEN H SS TO­RANA My un­cle has a gen­uine SS To­rana hatch­back for years. It was a fac­tory fa man­ual with the 308, sil­ver in colour and had the orig­i­nal orange stipes wear­ing a set of globes! It sat un­used in the back­yard af­ter he re­moved the bat­tery for his ex Aus­tralia A post van. He ended up sell­ing it for around $900 in the 1990s... Why why why! TR TROY AVGOLEMONO - HAMIL­TON QLD

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