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HDT up­rated the springs on Mag­nums and fit­ted Bil­stein shocks so a car with its sus­pen­sion in good con­di­tion should sit flat through cor­ners. That was 30+ years ago though so saggy springs, leaky shocks and col­lapsed bush­ings may need re­plac­ing. Check the steer­ing box mount­ing points for rust and crack­ing and the unit for leaks. Re­con­di­tioned p/s units cost over $1000. Brake ro­tors last up to 100,000 kilo­me­tres, with new ones at $150250 per pair. 16-inch HDT al­loy wheels are dif­fi­cult to re­place, stan­dard States­man al­loys eas­ier.

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