Unique Cars - - LUXO LAND YACHTS -

These cars used nor­mal States­man or Caprice trim so no spe­cial HDT parts to source ex­cept the op­tional Momo steer­ing wheel. Stock fab­ric used in WBs isn’t all that com­mon though and leather trim avail­able in Caprice ver­sions is ex­pen­sive to re­place. New car­pet sets cost around $200. Dash ‘ve­neer’ is prone to peel­ing but good re­place­ment dash sec­tions have been sold for $150200. In­ter­nal door han­dles break but re­place­ments are avail­able from $20 each. Make sure the elec­tric win­dows move freely and with­out ex­ces­sive noise.

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