Unique Cars - - LUXO LAND YACHTS -

of the 1970s and 80s would I want lurk­ing in my shed?

I can im­me­di­ately think of one I wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.

The Ford Landau. A mate bought one in the early 80s cos it was cheap.

Should have been named the Land Yacht for its sea­sick in­duc­ing soft, waft­ing ride. There was lit­tle if any con­nec­tion between the steer­ing wheel and front end, so nav­i­gat­ing a road was all about saw­ing away on the tiller and head­ing in the gen­eral in­tended direc­tion. With a 351 in its snout it did have a good turn of grunt if you were game. The interior in my mate’s was aw­ful.

It looked like a bordello and was as cheap and taste­less as the ex­te­rior.

But there is one two-door luxo I’d hap­pily park in the drive. The 770 Charger. It sat at the top of the range. Oddly it was the only one to get a V8 pow­er­plant, while the race version had to tackle Mt Panorama and GT-HO Fal­cons with two less cylin­ders. I re­ally like the look of the Charger and the 318ci Mopar V8 un­der its bon­net gives it true per­for­mance cred. From what I re­call it of­fered a semi-sporty ride and rea­son­able lev­els of han­dling. It had all the fruit in­side, in­clud­ing air­con and cas­sette player all stan­dard.

And I’d have to have an HDT Magnum. Af­ter all it’s a Brock and one of the first mod­els to be fet­tled by his famed HDT out­fit, with acres of room in­side and its ex­te­rior square styling car­ried through to the interior. HDT added more urge to the 308ci, made the auto shift slicker and tied down the cor­ners so its han­dling didn’t scare its oc­cu­pants wit­less.

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