Unique Cars - - WORKSHOP BASICS -

SMELL PETROL? Re­move the air fil­ter lid. Can you smell petrol? If not, per­haps no fuel is reach­ing the car­bu­ret­tor. Start by making sure the choke’s work­ing. Check the ca­ble to the choke flap, jet or valve, as ap­pro­pri­ate.

DE­LIV­ERY IS­SUES Re­move the fuel hose from the car­bu­ret­tor. Is there fuel in it? If not, direct it into a jar and crank the en­gine. It may take a while for the pump to prime. If this fails, check the tank, pump and any fil­ters.

VALVES AND NEE­DLES Fuel pump fail­ure is likely to be due to dried out or stick­ing valves. Strip, clean and re­assem­ble, if pos­si­ble. If it’s OK, re­move the car­bu­ret­tor top and make sure the nee­dle valve isn’t ob­structed or stuck.

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