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FURRY CON­TACTS SU-type pumps that tick have con­tact break­ers un­der their base cap. These can ox­i­dise over lengthy idle pe­ri­ods . Clean them with fine wet-and-dry paper. Make sure the mech­a­nism’s free to move, too.

STUCK VALVES Just like man­ual pumps, elec­tric pumps have di­aphragms and valves. Di­aphragms can be­come por­ous or split and valves can stick. Solid disc valves can be prod­ded free. Be gen­tle with rubber valves.

IN­JEC­TION PUMPS If your pump is a high-pres­sure ro­tary type, first check the fuses and re­lay. Bridge the re­lay ter­mi­nals to test. If that fails, try a direct 12V sup­ply to the pump. It may be seized or elec­tri­cally ‘dead’.

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