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The Health Ben­e­fits of Ex­er­cise Do you know them all?

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We all know that ex­er­cise is good for us, but do you know how good? Ev­ery­one can reap the health ben­e­fits of reg­u­lar ex­er­cise and phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity, no mat­ter their age or abil­ity. All you have to do is move.

Ex­er­cise helps main­tain a healthy weight. As we know, when you en­gage in phys­i­cal ac­tiv­ity you burn calo­ries, which is great for fat loss. Ex­er­cise, es­pe­cially strength train­ing, also helps build mus­cle, tone and shape the body, and bring up your me­tab­o­lism. Mov­ing ev­ery day is the best chance of hav­ing a healthy body fat per­cent­age.

Ex­er­cise helps your heart. High blood pres­sure? High choles­terol? Worried about car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease? Reg­u­lar ex­er­cise boosts your good choles­terol lev­els and boosts the size of your heart. This leads to blood flow­ing through your ar­ter­ies eas­ier as well as your rest­ing heart rate low­er­ing, putting a lot less pres­sure on your heart.

Ex­er­cise helps strengthen your bones. Are you at risk of os­teo­poro­sis? Mild strength train­ing, un­der pro­fes­sional su­per­vi­sion, can help boost growth and in­crease the den­sity of your bones. This is very im­por­tant for women af­ter menopause, how­ever any­body can ben­e­fit from hav­ing su­per strong bones.

Ex­er­cise im­proves your mood. Hav­ing a bad day? Al­though you don’t feel like it, 30mins of mod-high in­ten­sity ex­er­cise stim­u­lates chem­i­cals in your body, giv­ing you an emo­tional boost. Un­der­tak­ing ac­tiv­i­ties such as box­ing is also a great stress re­liever. You are 100% more likely to feel bet­ter af­ter ex­er­cise com­pared to a tub of ice-cream!

Ex­er­cise im­proves your self-con­fi­dence. Not only will you feel bet­ter about your body and ap­pear­ance af­ter ex­er­cis­ing to main­tain a healthy body weight, but you will gain so much more con­fi­dence when you learn just how strong your body can be. Noth­ing feels bet­ter than that feel­ing of achiev­ing some­thing you never thought was phys­i­cally pos­si­ble.

Ex­er­cise im­proves en­ergy lev­els. Feel­ing tired and puffed-out walk­ing up a flight of stairs or play­ing with the kids? Ex­er­cise im­proves your car­dio­vas­cu­lar ca­pac­ity and en­durance, so your heart and lungs work more ef­fi­ciently.

Ex­er­cise pro­motes sleep. Reg­u­lar ex­er­cise helps use en­ergy con­sumed through­out the day, lead­ing to a deeper sleep and can help you fall asleep faster. Ex­er­cise can also help other ac­tiv­i­ties in the bed­room too!

Ex­er­cise is such an im­por­tant as­pect in health. There are too many ben­e­fits to ig­nore, all of us have some­thing to gain by reg­u­lar ac­tiv­ity. Whether it is walk­ing, rid­ing, swim­ming, lift­ing, yoga or play­ing with the kids, all you have to do is move.

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