Poowong’s fairy­tale run con­tin­ues

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A grade: Poowong 46 de­feated War­ragul In­dus­tri­als 45.

Both teams started the game com­posed with a steady­ing goal each to be­gin. Poowong held their com­po­sure to take the lead be­fore tak­ing ad­van­tage of a few op­po­si­tion er­rors. With some great pas­sages of play, Poowong came out on top in the first quar­ter by five goals.

De­fen­sive pres­sure was up in the sec­ond quar­ter, with a few im­pres­sive in­ter­cepts in the mid­court. Poowong ex­tended their lead in the early min­utes be­fore Dusties found con­fi­dence feed­ing into the ring and got back into con­tention. Dusties’ de­fend­ers worked hard in the ring to take in­ter­cepts which flowed down for con­ver­sion. Af­ter dom­i­nat­ing the quar­ter, Dusties had the mar­gin back to one goal, 2122.

The third was evenly con­tested as both teams put on the pres­sure and the phys­i­cal­ity in­creased. The de­fend­ers for both teams demon­strated their skills, with bril­liant in­ter­cept­ing and taps to get the ball pro­duc­ing turnovers and con­ver­sions. The score was tied at the last break, 33-all.

Poowong made good use of op­por­tu­ni­ties, gain­ing the early lead. Both sides went goal­for-goal with beau­ti­ful pas­sages of play through the mid­court. Poowong’s goalers didn’t miss and, with the help of turnovers down the court, pushed the score­line out to a six­goal lead. Dusties put in an amaz­ing last-ditch ef­fort and brought the mar­gin back to one goal but un­for­tu­nately ran out of time.

Best on court: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als’ goal at­tack Lara Com­madeur.

B grade: Buln Buln 46 de­feated Catani 31.

A steady start by both teams en­sured an even score­line. The wet court and rain made it dif­fi­cult to keep the ball in pos­ses­sion. Catani’s goalers set­tled in first with their de­fence work­ing hard to come away with the re­bounds, only to have Buln’s mid­court take it back. At quar­ter time, scores were tied at 10-all.

With the rain clear­ing, Buln took the first turnover and pro­duced a quick two-goal lead. Con­tin­u­ing with that con­fi­dence, they built the lead to five be­fore Catani re­deemed the pos­ses­sion and re­cip­ro­cated to level the scores. Buln lifted in de­fence, con­tin­u­ing their dom­i­na­tion, to take a four-goal lead at half-time.

Catani’s de­fen­sive pres­sure saw plenty of in­ter­cepts and re­bounds to creep back. Catani’s move­ments were well con­sid­ered to get back within one goal, only to have Buln surge once again. Buln’s mid­court play­ers work­ing well to keep the pres­sure on down the court. Feed­ing the goalers beau­ti­fully with ex­cel­lent vi­sion, Buln pushed the lead out to eight goals, 32-24.

Buln came into the last quar­ter con­fi­dent and con­trolled. A few er­rors from Catani gave Buln op­por­tu­ni­ties to build their lead. The de­fen­sive pres­sure from the Lyre­birds took its toll on Catani’s at­tack end, while Buln’s goals con­tin­ued to flow.

Best on court: Buln Buln goal shooter Melissa Bur­ton.

C grade: Ellinbank 47 de­feated Nilma Dar­num 27.

Wet and slip­pery con­di­tions caused a dif­fi­cult start for both teams. Strong de­fen­sive pres­sure made goal­ing hard. Ellinbank ad­justed quicker and found an early lead to be 8-5 at quar­ter time.

Ellinbank came out fir­ing in the sec­ond, with their goalers and mid­courters com­bin­ing well. Nilma de­fend­ers con­tested many re­bounds as their goalers tried to con­vert the turnovers. How­ever, Ellinbank started to stretch the lead due to ex­cel­lent feed­ing into the goal ring. At half-time, the Eagles led 22-13.

Ellinbank again started strong with in­tense pres­sure in all ar­eas of the court. This made it dif­fi­cult for Nilma to score. Nilma’s change in the de­fence end was a good strate­gic move and made Ellinbank re-think their move­ments. How­ever, Ellinbank lifted and in­creased the lead by 12 goals.

Ellinbank were de­ter­mined to hold onto their lead, scor­ing the first four goals of the quar­ter. Nilma didn’t drop their heads and fought hard but in the end the more skilled team pre­vailed.

Best on court: Ellinbank goal at­tack Jade Pratt.

D grade: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als 40 de­feated Buln Buln 27.

Buln Buln started strong, break­ing Dusties’ first cen­tre and get­ting the first two goals. Dusties’ de­fence, feel­ing the pres­sure, stepped up to get the team back on track as they scored the next two goals. Both teams were get­ting con­sec­u­tive goals, one af­ter the other, as the de­fence ends ap­plied enor­mous pres­sure. Dusties held a one-goal lead at quar­ter time, 76.

Buln again broke Dusties’ first cen­tre and scored off it. Dusties picked up their in­ten­sity and made great use of their re­bounds in the goal end. Their com­mu­ni­ca­tion and vo­cal sup­port was ev­i­dent all down the court. At half-time, Dusties led 20-13.

Dusties made sure to hon­our their cen­tre pass and quickly con­verted two goals. Buln re­sponded with four goals in a row and sum­moned a mini come­back. This in­spired Dusties to pick up their game and lift their de­fen­sive pres­sure. At the last break, Dusties strength­ened their lead, 30-20.

Buln came out with a pur­pose and made sure to get the first goal. It wasn’t enough to pro­mote a resur­gence as Dusties com­fort­ably turned over the ball many times through tough whole court de­fence. Buln never gave up but were un­able to com­pete with Dusties’ ac­cu­racy.

Best on court: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als mid­courter Abby Brice.

E grade: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als 33 de­feated Ellinbank 27.

Dusties con­verted the first three goals of the quar­ter be­fore Ellinbank could get on the board. A lot of turnovers from both teams and silly mis­takes re­sulted in a slow start and a one sided af­fair in favour of Dusties. It was 10-5 at quar­ter time.

Dusties shoot­ing duo came out strong, com­ple­mented by their fast mov­ing mid­court. Ellinbank found it hard to shoot and Dusties main­tained a five-goal lead for some time. To­wards the end of the quar­ter, Ellinbank’s tenac­ity in­creased and they bridged the gap to trail 12-16.

Grand fi­nal on Satur­day, venue TBC.. See Thurs­day’s Trader for fur­ther in­for­ma­tion.

A grade: Ellinbank 2.30pm.

B grade: Ellinbank v Buln Buln at 1.15pm.

C grade: Buln Buln v Ellinbank at 12noon.

D grade: Ellinbank In­dus­tri­als at 11am.

E grade: Poowong v War­ragul In­dus­tri­als at 10am.

F grade: Long­warry In­dus­tri­als at 9am. v Poowong v v at War­ragul War­ragul

Ellinbank scored a cru­cial goal off the first cen­tre pass and at one stage were only a goal down. Their con­sis­tent pres­sure and abil­ity to make use of turnovers, was ex­actly what they needed. The Dusties be­gan to find their rhythm again in the dy­ing min­utes of the quar­ter. Afer an ex­cit­ing third pe­riod, Dusties led 23-21.

Both teams started to feel the heat as the game re­ally in­ten­si­fied. Very fast pas­sages of play en­sued, but Dusties took con­trol. They man­aged to break away to a six-goal lead to which Ellinbank had no an­swer.

Best on court: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als goal at­tack Makaela Zelden­ryk.

F grade: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als 16 de­feated Ellinbank 13.

Dusties got off to a fierce start, caus­ing a turnover from Ellinbank’s cen­tre pass. Ellinbank soon had it back, re­sult­ing in a much needed goal. Ellinbank’s de­fence end worked to­gether re­ally well, get­ting hands to a lot of loose balls. At quar­ter time, Ellinbank led 3-2.

Ellinbank’s goal at­tack Jas Ir­win con­tin­ued to im­press in the sec­ond, tak­ing nice long range shots at goal. With help from the Ellinbank mid­court, the shoot­ers got the lead out to three goals. As both teams started to warm up from the chilly con­di­tions, the in­ten­sity in­creased and the ball be­gan to flow at a faster pace down the court, re­sult­ing in a 7-4 lead to Ellinbank at half-time.

Dusties came out switched on and made good use of their cen­tre pass. The crowd got fur­ther in­volved in the game, lift­ing Dusties’ con­fi­dence to bring the scores level at eight-all. As the quar­ter con­tin­ued, Dusties man­aged to sneak a two-goal lead by the last break, 12-10.

Dusties started the last with a vi­tal in­ter­cept and be­gan to build a very handy lead. Dusties made the most of turnovers and con­trolled the re­main­der of the game. As time dwin­dled away, Ellinbank tried for a last minute surge, but were too late.

Best on court: War­ragul In­dus­tri­als goal de­fence Amy Cameron.

Ellinbank cen­tre Kate Mac­Gre­gor drives her C grade team into the grand fi­nal with a win over Nilma Dar­num.

A large crowd gives sup­port dur­ing a thrilling A grade con­test as Poowong’s Mieke Polman-Short and War­ragul In­dus­tri­als’ Ka­t­rina Guy work to get their team in front. Pho­to­graphs by Michael Robin­son.

War­ragul In­dus­tri­als’ Ella Spencer uses her height to gain a valu­able in­ter­cept over Poowong’s Ni­cole Vam­plew in the A grade pre­lim­i­nary fi­nal on Satur­day.

Buln Buln wing at­tack Ash­ley Pear­son leads her B grade team to a pre­lim­i­nary fi­nal win over Catani on Satur­day.

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