Healthy soils leads to nu­tri­tion foods

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Healthy soils, nu­tri­tious food, healthy peo­ple was the key theme of a work­shop hosted by the Baw Baw Food Move­ment re­cently.

The free event, held at the Drouin Coun­try Club was well at­tended by a large en­thu­si­as­tic group of peo­ple keen to hear how nu­tri­tious food im­proves our gut health.

Soil and nu­tri­tion ex­perts dis­cussed links be­tween healthy soils, healthy plants and healthy peo­ple.

Much has been said about many foods we are eat­ing that are not do­ing us much good.

Com­mon dis­eases such as di­a­betes, obe­sity and many can­cers are con­sid­ered diet re­lated ill­nesses.

More re­cently men­tal health ill­nesses have been linked to mod­ern western di­ets with our high con­sump­tion of sug­ary drinks, pro­cessed foods, and junk food com­monly sin­gled out as cul­prits.

But do we re­ally un­der­stand why are these foods bad for us and what makes “good food” good?

Guest speaker Maarten Strap­per sent a clear mes­sage - “con­sumers need to sup­port farm­ers to grow food well, be­cause we eat it.”

A for­mer CSIRO soil sci­en­tist, he dis­cussed the sci­ence of bi­o­log­i­cal farm­ing and the func­tion of healthy soils to grow healthy plants for healthy peo­ple.

Dr Stap­per is a farm­ing sys­tems agron­o­mist who spoke pas­sion­ately about help­ing farm­ers im­prove their prof­itabil­ity by har­ness­ing the power of nat­u­ral healthy soil pro­cesses.

The au­di­ence par­tic­u­larly en­joyed his re­spect for na­ture. “In na­ture, there is no waste. Ev­ery­thing ex­ists for a pur­pose.”

Nu­tri­tion­ist and di­eti­cian Marieke Ro­den­stein talked about the health of the gut in achiev­ing over­all health and pre­vent­ing mod­ern dis­eases.

Marieke’s tips for im­prov­ing gut health in­cluded:

Step one: Re­store the healthy bal­ance of gut bac­te­ria.

Re­duce path­o­genic bac­te­ria - su­gar and re­fined car­bo­hy­drates and preser­va­tives Add gar­lic - raw wher­ever pos­si­ble Add an­timi­cro­bial foods - pump­kin seeds, ap­ple cider vine­gar

Add fer­mented food yo­ghurt, ke­fir

Add pre­bi­otic foods - as­para­gus, Brus­sels grouts, cauliflower, broc­coli, lentils, dark chocolate Avoid an­tibi­otic prod­ucts – soaps Step two: Re­store and main­tain the health of your gut wall Con­sume bone broth Con­sume vi­ta­min A, D and zinc - but­ter, chicken, cod liver oil, liver, pump­kin seeds

Avoid in­flam­ma­tory foods - vegetable oils, pro­cessed foods, su­gar

Re­duce stress, avoid gluten and get out­side into na­ture!

Marieke and Maarten joined a panel of lo­cal farm­ers and healthcare pro­fes­sion­als to an­swer ques­tions and con­tinue the dis­cus­sion.

This event was the first in a se­ries of com­mu­nity con­ver­sa­tions about food pre­sented by the Baw Baw Food Move­ment – a lo­cal net­work of com­mu­nity or­ga­ni­za­tions and in­di­vid­u­als with in­ter­ests rang­ing from agri­cul­ture and food pro­duc­tion through to com­mu­nity health who have an in­ter­est in grow­ing and eat­ing healthy food. - sauer­kraut, miso,

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