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Imag­ine be­ing able to reach your healthy weight and stay there per­ma­nently. Imag­ine feel­ing, con­fi­dent, happy, en­er­getic and health­ier, every day.

Imag­ine try­ing on clothes and feel­ing good about it.

Would you like to lose weight with­out the strug­gle? Have you ever won­dered why you sim­ply do not have the ‘willpower’ to do what you de­cided to, like not eat­ing chocolate?

You prom­ise your­self that you will not eat chocolate again and on the very next day – you are over­whelmed by an ir­re­sistible urge to eat chocolate, and so you do.

Have you ever been on a diet tread­mill, you know the one. Go on a diet for that spe­cial event or oc­ca­sion, lose weight, overindulge on all the foods that you pre­vi­ously de­nied your­self, and sub­se­quently gain all the weight back plus more.

Hyp­nother­apy could be the an­swer you are look­ing for be­cause we all know that to lose weight we need to eat less, eat healthy foods and ex­er­cise. So why aren't we do­ing it? Of­ten, it's be­cause there's a lot of bag­gage in our sub­con­scious that's taken con­trol.

Hyp­nother­apy is a tool that can help changes hap­pen at a deep level and you will be sur­prised to find your­self mak­ing the right choices around food, eat­ing right and feel­ing great with­out the pain of con­sciously hav­ing to force willpower and self-dis­ci­pline.

At Mel­bourne Hyp­nother­apy Clinic we help you gain the mo­ti­va­tion and han­dle the emo­tional eat­ing trig­gers to cre­ate a per­ma­nent healthy liv­ing pat­tern.

Get on top of neg­a­tive emo­tions and learn how to feel happy and more pos­i­tive. Break­ing the cy­cle and re­plac­ing neg­a­tive thoughts with pos­i­tive ones can be achieved with the help of a hyp­nother­a­pist.

Do you find your­self eat­ing when you don’t feel hun­gry when you be­come stressed, sad, wor­ried, bored, an­gry, lonely, scared or guilty? Do you find that food has con­trol over you in­stead of the other way around?

If you an­swered yes to any of these, you are eat­ing for emo­tional rea­sons. Three ben­e­fits of Hyp­nother­apy: 1. It’s an en­joy­able, gen­tle and nat­u­ral way to de­stroy de­struc­tive pat­terns with­out the need for med­i­ca­tion.

2. Ac­cess to your sub­con­scious mind means habits can be bro­ken quickly. Foods can be eas­ily elim­i­nated and you will be mo­ti­vated to lead a healthy life.

3. It is not a band-aid ap­proach as it gets to the source of the is­sue and emo­tional eat­ing can be dealt with eas­ily. What is The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band? The Vir­tual Gas­tric Band will give you all the ben­e­fits of gas­tric band surgery with­out the pain or the costs.

You get hyp­no­tised into think­ing you've had gas­tric band surgery and will never need to eat so much again - and it works. You don’t ac­tu­ally have a gas­tric band fit­ted, you are hyp­no­tised into be­liev­ing it as part of an in­no­va­tive new weight loss treat­ment.

Leanne Jack­son is a Clin­i­cal Hyp­nother­a­pist, Neuro Lin­guis­tic Prac­ti­tioner and Health Coach based in Mel­bourne, War­ragul and Leon­gatha. Leanne is pas­sion­ate about help­ing you achieve your de­sired goals, mo­ti­vat­ing you to live a health­ier and hap­pier life. She spe­cial­izes in Weight Loss, Stress, Anx­i­ety, Pho­bias, Ad­dic­tions and Smok­ing Ces­sa­tion.

Leanne is lo­cated at The Whole Body, 1/126 Al­bert Rd War­ragul. Phone 0401 872 388 www.Mel­bourneHyp­nother­apy.info

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