Beach tone is a breeze

From all the fads and fash­ions of home decor, there’s one that is ideal for Gold Coast life. It’s sim­ple, and sure to ex­cite the senses

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ONE of the lat­est in­te­rior styles that clients are re­quest­ing time and time again is what I re­fer to as “beach tribal”.

It is fun­da­men­tally a blend of nat­u­ral, or­ganic pieces us­ing a bleached costal colour palate, and ex­udes a feel­ing of peace and calm. Given the com­bi­na­tion of tones and tex­tures, it’s time­less.

The key to achiev­ing this look is to start with a fresh white foun­da­tion of painted walls, weath­ered tim­ber floors or even pol­ished con­crete. Light toned rugs on the floors are es­sen­tial to add soft­ness and tex­ture, any com­po­si­tion will work as long as it is made of nat­u­ral fi­bres such as wool, sisal, or bam­boo, or even lighter-coloured an­i­mal hide.

The ideal sofa is large and comfy with a white slip cover. For those, my­self in­cluded, who can­not fathom be­ing able to main­tain such a piece due to a way too messy home life, the an­swer is a lighter beige out­door fab­ric which will re­pel spillages.

If most of your fam­ily is un­der the age of five then a light tan leather sofa might be a more sen­si­ble op­tion.

Then come the scat­ter cush­ions and in achiev­ing the beach tribal look they re­ally are the hero. My ad­vice is never to have two the same, mix up sizes, tex­tures, com­po­si­tion but keep the colours to a light neu­tral palate with white ac­cents to keep it fresh.

All solid fur­ni­ture should be in bleached oak, cane, drift­wood or other lightly toned nat­u­ral fin­ishes; steer clear of me­tal and other hard fin­ishes. Where pos­si­ble use tex­tured fin­ishes to add to the homely, ca­sual feel. State­ment pieces such as a four poster bed or an or­ganic drift­wood cof­fee ta­ble will cre­ate a quiet drama due to the bleached tones.

Fi­nally, and nearly most im­por­tantly, is ac­ces­soris­ing. Again think nat­u­ral or­ganic prod­ucts. You can never go wrong with coral, in my opin­ion na­ture’s best sculp­ture. Mix it up with other in­ter­est­ing pieces – in­tro­duce pendant lights or rat­tan lamp shades not only for tex­ture but also for am­bi­ence. For art­work, think light tones.

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