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What read­ers said on the Gold Coast Bul­letin yes­ter­day about con­ges­tion on M1 feeder roads.

You have a high school that has about 1500 kids, a pri­mary school, thou­sands of houses, a shop­ping cen­tre and the same one-lane road for ev­ery­one to use. It was OK six years ago when none of this ex­isted but did some­one for­get to use their brains and say to themselves, ‘we need another road’?

Exit 54 get­ting on to the M1 in the morn­ing is hor­ri­ble? He has no idea, peo­ple are look­ing for al­ter­nate ways to travel. M1 is a joke. Just needs to be fixed. Govern­ment needs to spend money for the govern­ment to pay back. Foxwell Road needs to be fixed. It’s OK for the coun­cil­man and coun­cils to col­lect all the rev­enue for the de­vel­op­ment ap­provals etc but they NEED to spend money on the roads. I’m late all the time be­cause of this.

Yawal­pah Road is a dis­grace and so is Pim­pama exit. It's a fa­tal­ity wait­ing to hap­pen in peak-hour traf­fic.

It’s the same all up and down the Coast. The coun­cil ap­proves hous­ing es­tates with­out any con­sid­er­a­tion to traf­fic man­age­ment. I asked a coun­cil­lor once why it isn’t a stip­u­la­tion that if a large es­tate is go­ing to be ap­proved that the de­vel­oper has to en­sure feeder roads are ca­pa­ble of sup­port­ing the traf­fic. The an­swer was that the city does not con­sider feeder roads as they are the state’s re­spon­si­bil­ity and es­sen­tially the road out­side the es­tate could be a dirt road and it would still be ap­proved be­cause the roads are the state’s re­spon­si­bil­ity.

It’s amaz­ing how any­one that had any­thing to do with the de­vel­op­ment ap­provals wouldn’t have fore­seen that ma­jor is­sue. There is al­ready at least five new de­vel­op­ment sites go­ing in, so hun­dreds more res­i­dents and zero in­fra­struc­ture up­grades. Coun­cil needs to take some re­spon­si­bil­ity for ap­prov­ing these de­vel­op­ments with­out care for how peo­ple will ac­tu­ally get in and out.

Com­ing off the M1 in the af­ter­noon is ridicu­lous. It takes me 20 just to exit and we have to ba­si­cally park on the M1. So not safe!

Stop let­ting all of the build­ing hap­pen. Our roads are not built to have this many peo­ple on them.

This just shows the pri­or­i­ties of most coun­cil­lors and politi­cians. They only care about the almighty dol­lar. They don’t care about the peo­ple who have to suf­fer their greed.

This is what hap­pens, dumb peo­ple run the coun­try and states. No in­fra­struc­ture is built!

Wouldn’t be a prob­lem if peo­ple didn’t buy and live in these rab­bit war­rens. Then the de­vel­op­ers would have to pro­duce sub­urbs that meet the peo­ple’s needs, and not just make money for coun­cils.

I don’t even think about go­ing to Mac­cas be­tween three and six.


Pic­ture: JOHN WOL­SKI

Mo­torists are trav­el­ling 150m in 23 min­utes on con­gested feeder roads off the M1’s Exit 49.

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