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Be­yond the Urus, it seems likely there will be a fourth Lam­borgh­ini model: pos­si­bly a 2+2 fron­tengined GT car of the kind Lam­borgh­ini be­gan with, and later reimag­ined in 2008 with the Es­toque con­cept ( right), or a 2+2-crossover mashup of the type As­ton Martin has pro­posed with the DBX. “GT cars, four-seaters; her­itage gives us some ideas,” Domeni­cali is on record as say­ing. “But it’s up to us to think and move in some di­rec­tion. To­day we are not ready, but we’re al­ready think­ing in terms of what the tech­ni­cal needs will be in around 2025. Will a su­per SUV can­ni­balise a 2+2 or GT? We don’t know yet. We need to pre­pare for dif­fer­ent sce­nar­ios.”

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