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1st Hyundai i30 Ac­tive CRDI DCT

The ar­rival of the PD series has seen the Hyundai i30 come of age, bring­ing new­found style, qual­ity and driver ap­peal, while our anal­y­sis sug­gests the model’s long-held value cre­den­tials carry into its new chap­ter. The stout 54 per­cent three-year re­sale re­flects the i30’s – and Hyundai’s – broad ap­peal and hard- earned rep­u­ta­tion for re­li­a­bil­ity, and it no doubt helps real-world val­ues that a three-year-old i30 still has two years’ war­ranty left. With a sharp $ 26K price tag for an Ac­tive CRDI with a seven-speed dual- clutch ’ box, the i30 is off to a fly­ing start. Can ri­vals com­pete with the 4.7L/100km 1.6-litre turbo- diesel Hyundai? Well, they could if they of­fered an equiv­a­lent en­gine… As it stands, only the petrol/elec­tric Corolla Hy­brid can put up a fight at the bowser, though the Toy­ota fal­ters else­where. The Hyundai surges ahead on the back of its fiveyear, un­lim­ited-kay war­ranty, 12-month/15,000km ser­vice in­ter­val and low-cost $772 an­nual Bud­get Di­rect in­sur­ance. And if a diesel-drink­ing hatch doesn’t tickle you, the good news is the sporty 1.6-litre turbo-petrol i30 SR is a near match on the value front, thanks to 7.5L/100km econ­omy on reg­u­lar un­leaded.

2nd Kia Cer­ato Sport ort

anty Kia’s en­vi­able seven-year war­ranty pow­ers the Cer­ato to se­cond nth place, with help from a 12-month ser­vice in­ter­val and a $673 an­nual nual in­sur­ance premium. Ac­cept­able le y ride and han­dling, and a lively a 2.0-litre petrol four make for like­able, if con­ser­va­tive, pack­age.age.

3rd H Honda Civic VTI-S

A sharp sticker price and solid re­tained value en­sured the one-up-from-base Civic stayed in the podium hunt, de­spite an old-schoolo 1.8 four that de­liv­ers – de­centd econ­omy but not thrills to youy need a Civic RS or VTI-LX get Honda’s strong 1.5 turbo.

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