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1st Holden Com­modore Evoke

For our lo­cal Lion, go­ing out at the top of its game beats fad­ing into ob­scu­rity hands down. Not only is the VFII a su­perbly honed ver­sion of a lo­cally de­vel­oped leg­end that’s been around for more than a decade, it still stacks up as great value. The en­try-level Evoke V6 starts by be­ing a bit less costly than its podium ma mates, and back­ing that with slightly bet­ter re­sale. Pre­dict­ing the ac­tual fu­ture val­ues o of the last Aussie-built, reardrive Com­mod Com­modores is po­ten­tially tricky. Will used val­ues slu slump when the new model ar­rives? WeW think so. But will they rise se again long-term? Ditto, though per­hapsperh more for a mint SS-V thantha a base car. Then again, a ris­in­gris tide lifts all boats... or, erm,er cars. Mean­time, the big Holden’sHo strengths lie in low- - cost in­sur­ance,in rea­son­able an­nual al fu­el­fue cost, and an odd nine-mon­thonth ser­vice­serv in­ter­val that matches the Au­rion butb not the Su­perb.

2nd Skoda Su­perb 162 TSI

The Skoda Su­perb is a small fish in sales terms, yet rep­re­sents The New Guard. This is to­day’s way of do­ing big cars, based on mod­u­lar en­gi­neer­ing, front­drive and a down­sized turbo en­gine, the lat­ter help­ing it do its best work in the fuel- cost col­umn.

3rd Toy­ota Au­rion AT-X

A Toy­ota sedan re­mains a rock-solid own­er­ship propo­si­tion, though big cars have nev­ern­eve been greatg at hold­ing their value, as the Au­rion’s 31 per­cent three­year Glass’s re­sale fig­ure il­lus­trates. The $776 an­nual in­sur­ance is 11 bucks less than the Com­modore Evoke’s.

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