Tiffiny Hall is push­ing back on pres­sure for new mums to ‘bounce back’

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Celebrity trainer, chil­dren’s book au­thor, taek­wondo black belt and founder of TIFFXO.COM Tiffiny Hall has a new chal­lenge: be­ing mum to baby Arnold, born on Sept. 11. She tells WHO how moth­er­hood has changed her and why she won’t pro­vide a “bounce-back” pic­ture—“i want to show my TIFFXO mem­bers a sus­tain­able and en­joy­able re­turn to fit­ness takes time and self-care.” Con­grat­u­la­tions to you and hus­band Ed Kavalee on the birth of Arnold. How has be­ing a new mum changed your re­la­tion­ship with your body? I’m su­per proud of my body. It has achieved the most amaz­ing thing it will ever do— preg­nancy and de­liv­er­ing my son. Sure, it’s changed, but I’m em­brac­ing that change. Without wider hips, stretch marks and my “mum tum” I wouldn’t have Arnold. I’ll get back to fit­ness when I’m good and ready, and most im­por­tantly re­cov­ered. How do you plan to start get­ting back into train­ing? Gen­tly and slowly. I’ve started with gen­tle walk­ing with Arnold—show­ing him the birds and beau­ti­ful sky. I’m also do­ing a pelvic-floor pro­gram three times a day. When I get the all-clear from my ob­ste­tri­cian, I’ll start with low-im­pact taek­wondo—a lot of core strength­en­ing, stretch­ing and breath­ing ex­er­cises. Do you have any ex­er­cises that you rec­om­mend for new mums? Yes. I rec­om­mend walk­ing, it’s a great way to stretch out your mus­cles, in­crease blood flow and it’s fab­u­lous for your men­tal health to leave the house. It’s a great way to slowly build up your en­durance and re­gain strength, once you’re feel­ing re­cov­ered you can add in some hills and in­clines. Push­ing a pram—this is a work­out! Also, don’t ig­nore your pelvic floor. It’s im­per­a­tive to re­gain­ing core strength. You are also an ad­vo­cate of look­ing after men­tal health. Hav­ing a baby is over­whelm­ing—there are huge hor­monal changes, the phys­i­cal re­cov­ery after birth, sleep de­pri­va­tion …. You gained 30kg dur­ing preg­nancy. Do you have a time­line to los­ing that weight? No time­line, sorry! If I rush back into it I risk in­jury. Fo­cus­ing on ki­los or time is an un­healthy way to ap­proach it. I want to en­joy my re­turn to fit­ness.

“I am slowly re­turn­ing, build­ing, strength­en­ing,” says Tiffiny Hall of her fit­ness plan after hav­ing baby Arnold. “I al­ways say weight loss should be the side ef­fect. I will fo­cus on the fit, not the weight. As I gain strength, the weight will fall off.”

“I don’t want to show a bounce-back photo. I want to be true to what I be­lieve in—stay­ing ‘hap­py­fit’,” says Hall.

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