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Need more War on Waste in­spi­ra­tion? Watch Food Fighter (airs Tues., Oct. 16, 8.30pm; Life­style), the sur­pris­ingly en­ter­tain­ing – and emo­tional – story of the 66-year-old former event plan­ner turned Oz Har­vest founder and her pas­sion­ate dream to stop ed­i­bles be­ing chucked while some starve.

You say you’re an “ac­ci­den­tal ac­tivist” … When I chose to do this I kinda just thought, “I’ll res­cue some food and make sure it goes to feed hun­gry peo­ple” – I didn’t think I was em­bark­ing on a path. I think my in­no­cence and stu­pid­ity helped create some­thing. Are you get­ting bet­ter at it? If one per­son’s be­hav­iour is changed, if one per­son is in­spired to ac­tion and if food waste be­comes as big a topic as it needs to be, then it’s all been worth it – my job is done. Was it a quest to im­prove your life? I was work­ing to make money. I loved what I did, but the pur­pose was to have more – more things, more of every­thing, un­til I re­alised I don’t need more. When I said I was go­ing to start a char­ity, one of my girl­friends said, “Does that mean you are go­ing to wear old clothes?”

The gal­vanis­ing mo­ment? A 1000-per­son event. It was all so beau­ti­ful. But there was masses of food left and I couldn’t save it all. I put some in the car and took it to a char­ity. But I thought, “We’ve got to be able to do more.” The bokashi com­poster is a star of the film. Where can we get one? From Oz Har­vest. All you have to do is call. It’s sim­ple and easy. What else can we do? Join the move­ment. Go to the web­site [Ozhar­]. There will be tips, hints and help for in­di­vid­u­als to learn how to fight food waste. My goal is to get 500,000 peo­ple signed up. Spread the word!

“It’s never been about global dom­i­na­tion, it’s been about shar­ing the model,” says Kahn of ex­pand­ing into NZ, the UK and her birth­place, South Africa.

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