Stow away the tongs – the hottest hair of the sea­son needs zero styling

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Aside from giv­ing your hair a well-de­served break from elec­tric heat, nat­u­ral tex­ture looks more youth­ful. Fright­ened by the thought of let­ting your hair dry nat­u­rally? Don’t be! Kevin Mur­phy hair di­rec­tors James Ni­chol­son and Nathan Gor­man share their tips on how to wash your hair and achieve a French chic fin­ish.

A great cut is es­sen­tial

“Let your hair­dresser know you’re in­ter­ested in try­ing nat­u­ral tex­ture,” says James. “Nat­u­ral move­ment can be achieved much eas­ier with qual­ity salon scis­sors.”

Don’t start with su­per-clean hair

“Wash your hair with a hair cleans­ing cream for­mula,” says Nathan. “It’ll feel like you’ve washed it and treated it, but you’re not go­ing to get that squeaky-clean fin­ish.”

Sit back in the sun­shine

“To nat­u­rally dry your hair, you re­ally need to be in the right en­vi­ron­ment,” says Nathan. “Find some­where quiet in the sun and read a magazine. Driv­ing around with the win­dows down is not go­ing to help you get a frizz-free fin­ish.”

Re­strain your hair

Pressed for time? “Twirl your hair into a low-set knot in line with your cheek­bones and se­cure it in a hair net. I also know some peo­ple who wrap it up in an old T-shirt and tie the arms,” says James. A light re­strain will keep frizz calm while your lengths dry at a re­laxed rate. If you’re prone to hair­line ne frizz, place two o cards over your hair, fram­ing your face, and lock them in place with clips.

If you need to de­tan­gle, grab a boar bris­tle brush

“Hair is made of a pro­tein called ker­atin and this also makes up boar bris­tle. So you’re buff­ing pro­tein against pro­tein as op­posed to plas­tic against pro­tein,” ex­plains Nathan. “It ab­sorbs the oils and spreads it through­out the hair, mak­ing it smooth,” adds James.

Emma Stone The Os­car win­ner nails the ef­fort­less-look­ing hair style.

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